is Amazon becoming a safe harbor for honest sellers?

As many of you may have already read on the official Thomas F Cheng LinkeIn account, I mentioned how Amazon is banning, finally, fake products but also non-up to standard products such as USB cables and anything else electronic that could be considered a fire hazard because they are not original and mostly all of them on me in South East Asia.

amazon safe buying thomas f cheng blog

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things over there that are made with precision and are definitely quality, but they are hundreds of thousands of underground sweat shops especially in China where false products and lower class products such as the cables we mentioned or being produced and then off road literally on the world market thanks to eBay and Amazon.

So from what I do understand Is Actually Thinking about the Customer, or Is It Actually Thinking about Getting Sued Because It’s Advertising a Product That Somebody’s House on Fire?

I would go with the second option, I truly don’t believe that they have thoughts about their customers once that the product is sold, but they may fear the justice system and the lawyers all those customers that may have fell victim of product that they sold on their websites claiming that it was, in reality it wasn’t.

However, I am one of those sent by hundreds of products on Amazon and every time that I have had an issue the company has taken care of business and obviously the issues that I brought to light, and with this recent step ahead I truly believe that Amazon is becoming a safe harbor for honest buyers.


The Talibans aimed Christian women and children in their suicide attack yesterday.

taliban bombers

Where is all this hate coming from? Why would they want to kill women and children? How long will this go on for? What can be done to stop these animals?
When all religions speak of love and peace, these maniacs go around blowing up playgrounds full of women and children. What sense or logic has such a barbaric act? God told you to do this?

I think that these dirtbags are using religion for their own needs, it has nothing to do with religion what is happening in the middle east, there is no way in the world that when the books of religion where filled with words, did they ever talk of mass killings and to destroy them that preach God in a different way.

These are just fanatics full of hate, they don’t follow any religion as there is no religion that tells people to do this… Give Me a Break!


RIP Garry Shandling

Garry Shandling rip thomas f cheng

I got the tragic news from this Celebrity & Entertainment News and it is needless to say that I am shocked and heartbroken as one like Gary leaves us at such an early age.

What an unfortunate loss a great character is gone and the early age of 66, apparently the victim of a massive heart attack that took him away instantly. I will always remember Garry from the days of The Dukes of Hazard, Bo and Luke, not to mention the numerous TV shows where he was absolute protagonist, a great character and incredible comedian, never out of place always well spoken, polite and a perfect example for others in the future that will be just as famous as Gary Shandling.

Obviously my deepest condolences go out to Gary’s family and friends, a lot of friends!!


Another attack on innocent civilians

belgium terrorist attacks

It seems that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks at the airport and subway and yet again they have proven that they have no dignity attacking and slaughtering civilians.

I hate to poke my nose in other peoples business, but didn’t they see it coming this time? They arrested the brain of all operations, he basically gave out the attack code once captured and the Belgium intelligence agency didn’t see this?

My prayers and thoughts go out to all the victims and their families, in the hopes that something like this wont happen again, that they can actually prevent the attacks in the future.

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Has anyone seen the new Maserati Levante SUV?


It should be out already I saw one driving down Sunset Boulevard yesterday afternoon, I know it was a Maserati because of the distinguished logo it has on the grill. so I visited their official US website and they claim that it has to be put on the market, so what did I see? I know for fact it was a Maserati.

So is some big VIP already got his hands on the most luxurious SUV that the world has ever seen? Or was it a company test drive, just to drive around millionaire row showing off their new product. I know that McLaren and Ferrari are very popular for doing so therefore I think that Maserati is taking the same strategy and taking orders even before the vehicle is placed on the market.


Tragic news that I read early this morning on the Los Angeles times

We all know that here in is in town a new building the tallest skyscraper in the country, unfortunately already three people have lost their lives in the efforts to build this amazing piece of architecture. The third unfortunately died yesterday afternoon, an electrician at his second day working for the company. He was walking on an outside grid on the 50th floor where apparently witnesses said he slipped and plunged to his death landing in a busy intersection on the street below.

The millennium Towers the tallest skyscraper in the United States

Like said this is an amazing new building, every morning when I go to work I pass by it I remain electrified by its beauty, however how many lives more is it going to take, let’s hope that this was the third and last tragic death in this building.


The Justice Department warns local courts about unlawful methods when it comes down to fines and fees

This is a very interesting article that I was reading this morning on the Washington Post. I myself have yet to be victim, and I hope I never will be victim of state and local court abuse, to be honest I hope I stay out of court altogether LOL. However the article is talking about local courts manipulation when it comes down to slamming defendants with court fees and heavy fines.

Just to give you an example a 37-year-old man from Alabama that pleaded guilty for stripping a line of Apple trees and then selling the apples at a local flea market, he pleaded guilty in court, his time in court was less than an hour and was slammed with a $32,000 fee and a fine of $15,000 none of which went to the victim.

So how is it possible if a man walks into a courtroom pleas guilty and is sentenced to two a month in jail (if he has prior then that is the right sentence in my personal opinion) and slammed with $47,000 in fees to pay, how on earth did a judge come up with $47,000 to pay for less than 200 apples taken from three trees, what would’ve happened if he had robbed a bank took $1 million would be been slammed with a $5 billion fine?

local courthouse

Anyhow it seems that the Justice Department and located several of these abuses and are asking local Justice Department to investigate and to bring to light the responsibles of these unlawful fines and fees, it seems that the Justice Department is not stopping at just this but they want names, it seems that could be some criminal charges slammed on those judges that broke the law by slamming these ridiculous fees to help county and city court budgets.


Amazon rents 20 jet planes to speed up its deliveries.

amazon fleet

That just tells you how big Amazon has become, from what I understand it already leases 35 jets and now with these other 20 it basically has a fleet. I was personally impressed when I found out that UPS had 260 airplanes, but I can see that Amazon is on its way in matching UPS’s numbers!

however while UPS and FedEx own their own fleet, Amazon uses a third-party air transport service group to do all the flying for them. Amazon shipping costs in 2014 was close to $9 billion, 2015 numbers have yet to be posted by the company but they claim it is at least 25% increase and most probably 30% increase is projected for this year of 2016.

I remember Amazon when it was number two, when eBay basically ran all over them, but they took a different direction creating its own products, branding products that it purchased from other companies became the massive empire it is today.

Going back to the delivery service, Amazon claims that extremely fast delivery and customer satisfaction will bring more sales, Amazon also claim that even if they are increasing their fleet shipping costs will not be increased in any way, that of course for regular shipping and not express shipping.


Nancy Reagan dies at 94

I was very young when Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter at the presidential elections, so maybe I don’t remember in detail his presidency, that age I was in high school and then in college I was having fun I wasn’t thinking about our president or US politics LOL.

Nancy Reagan

However he was a great president, he was the president that pulled down the Berlin wall together with Soviet Pres. Gorbachev, he made it clear to the Iranians that if they try to pull anything like they did back in 1980 they would suffer tremendous consequences, he may not have been a good actor, actually he was a horrible actor LOL, however he was a very good president.

I read in the recent years that Nancy Reagan claimed that the most difficult moment of her life has been since her husband passed away and has been ever since. All I can say is that yesterday evening you met up with him once again about the assault on now and rest and for me and all my staff goes out the deepest condolences to the Reagan family and friends.


The Washington Post reports that last night’s debate was an absolute disaster for the Republican brand

I’m not like many of you that enjoy reading newspapers online, I still have delivered to my office the traditional newspaper.
One of them is the Washington Post, however I also have delivered USA Today, the Boston Globe and of course the LA Times and the New York Times. The many reasons I get all the newspapers, so that I can actually see among the lines some truth LOL.

What I noticed that all five of the above-mentioned newspapers actually said yesterday, but the Washington Post said it straight out, was that last night’s debate what an absolute disaster for the Republican brand, they said it looked more like a bickering contest rather than a political debate.

I unfortunately lost the first 20 minutes, as traffic from my office to my home here in Los Angeles is an absolute killer, but what I managed to see I can only agree 100% with the Washington Post, but yes it was an evening all absolute bickering, and really never got anything done, they barely talked about what they want to do for America all they did was fight and accuse one another and trying to make their opponents lame.

The Washington Post said it straight, the three were fighting for themselves, they had absolutely no interest this time to prove to the American people that they all fit to stand to be president of the United States.

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