Harvey and the controversial Miss U!

Steve Harvey, who hosted the prestigious pageant today, is now making the trends when he announced the wrong winner in today’s Miss Universe pageant. That very moment when he got back to the stage and said “OK folks..I apologized..” had brought the entire audience to a complete silence! Imagine that, billions of people around the world watching TV at their homes and yet he committed that awful mistake. That must have been frustrating to the countries involved! Imagine the rush of emotions for Ms Columbia as she went from being winner to merely a runner up. The feeling from being a winner to to being told that it was all just an honest mistake. What a horrible feeling. And one can only imagine what she was going through. On the flip side the rush for Ms Philippines must have been intense knowing she was the real winner. The show’s executives need to find a solution to prevent these kinds of human errors from happening again. A prestigious event like this shouldn’t have such reckless human errors.