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The Ozzy Man Reviews

I have liked this dudes page on Facebook about 3 months ago and since then everything that he’s posted has brought a laugh here at the office. I love to share these videos with my staff members, even if he’s a little vulgar and its really not a workplace kind of dude :)

Well, I thought that I’d share this with you all. It’s in theme with what we’ve been talking about in theses past few months, take it as you wish, I personally laughed like mad for an hour at this video!


Whats your favorite social media platform?

Lets take a break from all the Orange Clown talk, we have at least another 5 months of that before he’s indicted and another year or so before the indictment wears out! So, I thought we could talk about something that we’re involved in, all of us from all over the world, that would be SOCIAL MEDIA.

As for me, Thomas F Cheng I have a facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, you name it I have it. The best way to get out there is through Social Media!

thomas cheng facebook

I’ll give you an example. I spoke to Pat and Jen, two teens that youtube tricks and kicks about Mindcraft. Their videos are seen by millions of Xbox and PS lovers from all over the world, some of their videos get up to 45,000,000 views. Last April they were High School students and now their making about $12,000 a day each!

My son is into soccer, he’s a goalkeeper, he loves the game and I love to see him play. I bought him some gloves called J4K I found the brand on Linkedin and that took me to their website. I actually got into contact with the co-owner of the company and he said that 80% of their customers find them on Facebook and other social media platforms. They invoice about 450,000,000 bucks a year…

…So how many of you have seen economical gain thanks to social media?


What if Donald Trump didn’t have twitter?

I guess that he would be Facebook’ing Everyone to death LOL.
Will he still be doing so when presidents of the United States? Some say he won’t, but I find that absolutely hard to believe. The men talked to twitter roughly 8 years ago with his personal attacks on president Barack Obama, And basically has never stopped. So what is it about Donald Trump and Twitter? Is it some sort of fetish LOL? Or is it as many say is a way of avoiding the press and on the same time communicating via a very powerful social media tool.

The bookmakers give that he won’t last more than six months in office, I to the honest thing even less, I truly do believe that the man is unfit to be president of this great nation, but that is not what is in question right now.

What we do have right now is a President-elect that likes to play around on social media, he likes to insult people via social media, he likes to announce his new staff members via social media and none of this with the press. I guess that Twitter should start charging for President-elect for every announcement of his cabinet that he makes, if they started doing that from the beginning and charge at least $1000 for every announcement they would have at least $300,000 in the bank LOL.

However I hope that everybody had an incredible Christmas and I hope that you all will have a pleasant new year, I’ll be back in a few more days posting as usual and until then everybody take care.


I have gotten into Pinterest as well now.

Whoever follows me knows for a fact that I am extremely active on social media especially when it comes down to Facebook and twitter, however I have a YouTube channel, a Google plus accounts, I’m getting into Tumblr as well even if I’m still getting my feet wet with it and of course Instagram is also very catchy, one that I opened just a few days ago in the Thomas F Cheng Pinterest account and I really haven’t posted anything yet that I could consider a great interest, however I’m getting a hand on how it works and I noticed that it is incredibly easy to pin whatever you want by using anything that has an Internet connection, I have all my social media applications on my iPad/iPhone and of course my android mobile devices, but I’m more of a traditional person because I do like the post things on social media directly from my computer.

pinterest thomas f cheng

Apparently I was one of the few Americans that still didn’t have a Pinterest social media account, apparently two out of three Americans have an account, now I don’t actually know the numbers on how many of those Americans are actually active users, but were talking about hundreds of millions of accounts in the United States alone and roughly 950,000,000 worldwide.

They have actually overtaken twitter, but are still way behind Instagram and it big sister Facebook.

Everybody that followed me knows for a fact that I do love numbers, I love to see what they, what is trending, what is going downhill, I always keep an eye on statistics, why many call me a successful online managing marketer LOL.


How many of you have a Google plus social media account?

Just a brief note today, to remind everybody that me myself Thomas F Cheng has also a Google plus social media account, where my intentions are to become very and I repeat very active on the, many really don’t understand that Google plus is right behind Facebook and twitter, it has roughly 300,000,000 users, that is three times more than those that use Pinterest.

I have to admit it’s more like business rather than for your free time such as many of us will drop into Facebook after work, this is actually for work, and that’s why I want to bring work related discussions on that social media page. So if you also are a Google plus member then please click on the bold text link that you see in the paragraph above and add me to your friends list as I would love to exchange interesting working related discussions with all kinds of business men and women from all around the world.


What is your favorite social media network?

Needless to say mine is Facebook, and in a blog post a couple of days ago I posted a contextual link that led to my Facebook page inviting you all to become a friend if you want to and to join in the discussion, all those things that I bring up its great to see that a lot of you are actually joining in and giving your own input.

But because they are roughly 600,000,000 people around the world that actually prefer Twitter to Facebook, then be sure to hook me up over at the Thomas Cheng Twitter account that I have open, it’s always great to see people tweeting and re-tweeting everything that I post, let’s keep that up I’m really enjoying the so many new faces from all over the world that are getting in contact with me via social media and always remember that I am available also on LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and of course the almighty Google plus.

So if is anybody that would like to open a discussion today in tell me what is your favorite social media platform and of course tell us why it is specifically your favorite that would help me of course figure out the differences between the at least 15 social media networks where I’m an actual member.

Also I’d like to know from my readers, is where do you think Facebook is going, is it going to grow anymore or is it the next MySpace, basically where it got too big and then was taken over by an alternative by an antagonist by something that offered something different, something more exciting and of course inviting. In your opinion is that going to happen anytime soon?

I truly believe that mobile has a lot to do with it, and that’s why Facebook is moving more towards mobile than it is regarding its interface for PC and Mac, 80% of social media users reach their platforms via mobile devices 55% are iOS believe it or not.

Something that I found very interesting, and it is something that I have been looking at quite in-depth for the past three weeks is that the Chinese over 1 billion people online at this time and most probably by the end of 2020 there will be close to 1.5 billion Chinese online, have their own social media networks, not because they’re obligated, it’s because they actually have a look a like Twitter and a look-alike Facebook not to mention the free text and chat options in different and many kinds of forms of social media, are they more advanced than us Westerners?

So I believe that I have thrown a rather large size log in the fire and that will keep on burning for a couple of days until I’m back LOL.