Apple Inc. to pay $14 billion to the European Union

Apparently Apple Inc. had a deal with the Republic of Ireland government where they could distribute their products all over the European Community and not pay taxes on it. This deal however for European communities standards is considered illegal and therefore the Republic of Ireland was at fault and because of that the electronics giant will have to pay back all the tax exemptions for six years deal and if they don’t all their assets in the European Community will be frozen immediately.

If that occurred in the United States then we would be recovering close to $1 trillion, but that will never happen because we have a crooked Senate and House that bend over to the highest bidder, I could mention several companies that are taxes since in the United States but still keep all their workers at minimum wage or they are making their products exclusively in China, Taiwan, Thailand Or Cambodia.

So what happens now? Well it’s not a slow process like it would be here in the United States, it is actually extremely swift and Apple Inc. and roughly 24 basic pay of the total amount due for all their operations in the European Community will be closed off until further notice and not necessarily the payment is made, Apple Inc. obviously is not happy about this because all their products made in Highlands eventually end up either in South America or even here in the United States and across the border to Canada.

The European Union is aware of this and is taking total advantage. Which actually an advantage really it isn’t as I have read the statute considering tax exempt of the European Union, it is a booklet of 11 pages and is explained in detail what the Republic of Ireland the Internet deal with Apple Inc. is considered highly illegal both parties Republic of Ireland and the iPad makers should have known of this and therefore they are in first person responsible and will pay the price.

Don’t think that Republic of Ireland will get away with this with a slap on the backside, they also will see their funding filtered and there is a special theme in Brussels in Belgian that is now investigating other deals that the Republic of Ireland could have established with other US giant’s such as Nike for example.

This could be a can of worms for US Incorporated that just opened up from the inside.


Verizon to buy Yahoo for a record $4.8 billion deal

honestly I thought that Yahoo was a lot more however since 2008 it has lost 70% of its search results to Google and some to its direct competitor However it does remain an extremely powerful search engine and email provider, with close to 300 million searches a day and 55 million active email accounts. Not only nine Yahoo incorporation deals in all kinds of technology, they buy and sell domains, they have their own hosting service and have bought out many technological companies within the past eight years. That’s why I thought that Yahoo Inc. than what they are selling it for.

verizon-yahoo- 4.8 billion

another reason why I for the Yahoo Inc. was worth a lot more is because Google as many business experts explained in many different briefings and articles is worth over $100 billion.


Alaska Air put in a bid to buy Virgin America for $2.6 billion

Alaska Air is thinking in big, one would think that there service is limited to the state of Alaska, there you would be wrong, Alaska air actually does domestic flights leaving also from LAX and other international airports around the West Coast. The reason that it is thinking in the in the fact that it has just purchased Virgin America, now don’t get me wrong Virgin America really doesn’t have such a huge fleet and apparently their slice of the cake regarding domestic flights is only 1.5%, however from what I do understand it came at a very pretty price, considering that Alaska air bought up all the stock therefore is 100% owner now all Virgin America.

From what I understand Alaska air is also looking toward the east coast of the United States, where there seems to be a couple of trouble and deeply in debt air transport companies that could be promptly up for sale and Alaska air would like to get their hands on them as well in order to ask and their domestic flights from coast to coast.

While there are many airways companies that are going broke, while there are many that are cutting their staff, there are others just like Alaska air that are actually hiring, expanding and offering an incredibly good service and a very good price. I don’t know how many of you have flown with them, I have personally say it was a delightful flight from LAX to Portland in Oregon and a few months before I flew from Anchorage Alaska all way to San Diego.

What I noticed during those two flights is that I got to free drinks, I could check in with carry-on luggage without any fee, the headset and the cushions were also free and because first class was full I was bumped up to business, they actually call it a master class at no additional cost, it was a great flights it was like I was lying down on the La-Z-Boy at my lounge at home LOL.

Because of me having a very good trip with this specific company I thought I would like to mention the news of their expansion to all my readers, and if you ever get the chance to be on the Pacific coast and in the need to fly, if you have the choice I do suggest that you go with Alaskan air.


is Amazon becoming a safe harbor for honest sellers?

As many of you may have already read on the official Thomas F Cheng LinkeIn account, I mentioned how Amazon is banning, finally, fake products but also non-up to standard products such as USB cables and anything else electronic that could be considered a fire hazard because they are not original and mostly all of them on me in South East Asia.

amazon safe buying thomas f cheng blog

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things over there that are made with precision and are definitely quality, but they are hundreds of thousands of underground sweat shops especially in China where false products and lower class products such as the cables we mentioned or being produced and then off road literally on the world market thanks to eBay and Amazon.

So from what I do understand Is Actually Thinking about the Customer, or Is It Actually Thinking about Getting Sued Because It’s Advertising a Product That Somebody’s House on Fire?

I would go with the second option, I truly don’t believe that they have thoughts about their customers once that the product is sold, but they may fear the justice system and the lawyers all those customers that may have fell victim of product that they sold on their websites claiming that it was, in reality it wasn’t.

However, I am one of those sent by hundreds of products on Amazon and every time that I have had an issue the company has taken care of business and obviously the issues that I brought to light, and with this recent step ahead I truly believe that Amazon is becoming a safe harbor for honest buyers.