He won, No, She won, No, wait a minute… Who Won!??

So, you all got to see the CNN debate now didn’t you? Trump vs Clinton in the battle for the White House.
Well, I was one of the 85,000,000 Americans watching it as well. It opened up my mind a little and I got to see under the skin (in some moments) of both candidates. I was impressed on how Hilary kept her cool, while Donald was easily frustrated, sniffing, talking when it wasn’t hit turn and touching that microphone like 300 times during the 90 minute debate.

The “Tax Returns” really hit him hard and he rally didn’t have an answer for it, she nailed it and hurt him hard. Then when she brought up “Hacking” he slipped and stated “It could be some 400 lb kid in his moms basement” and last slap in the face was his thoughts on women.

So at the end of the battle, Clinton is one step closer to winning the war, she did win the debate and by large points IMO.


What to expect in tonight’s debate?

I predict a Clinton that keeps her cool, but that cool blow if pushed by Trump. I see a Trump in high-tone, loud and rude, interrupting Clinton time after time. I predict Clinton being detailed in the questions asked, while Trump I see him responding the usual way: “I have a plan, a great plan, but I’m not going to reveal that plan yet, I will when I’m in the oval office, sitting behind my desk!”

There really isn’t that much to expect from these two candidates, as an undecided I would however like to see them show their real selves, their side that we have never seen before, I want them to come out and challenge one another, I want them to show what they’re made of and most of all I want to see in them tonight, what will they do once in the White House!

clinton trump

I could be asking a little too much? Who knows! We were expecting a lot more from Obama-Romney, but their debates turned out to be pretty tame and they respected one another even when calling on one another.

I’ll be watching for sure and I hope that millions of undecided folks just like me will be doing the same thing!


Stop kneeling down during the national anthem!

I truly do believe that this is actually abusing of the liberties that we have in this great nation, kneeling down during the national anthem is disrespectful not only to the flag and its Constitution but to all the American people are proud of this great nation.

Maybe it is time that the various sports Associations either scholastic or professional to take measures against the people that are disrespecting with their silent protest the United States of America and its people.

United we stand, that is most probably the most common phrase that we Americans use, we are known to stand together in victory and in difficult times, this kind of protest is not only absolutely disgusting, but it also should be made anti-constitutional. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but I don’t care what color your skin is, you can be white, yellow, red or black it doesn’t matter we are all Americans and kneeling down in protest during our national anthem should not be allowed.


Donald TrumpUsing his charity foundation money to settle personal lawsuits

That the news! It’s kind of a karma if you think that he has constantly been beating On the head Hillary Clinton About her foundation, where in reality the FBI discovered no foul play, while regarding his charity foundation there is written proof of him using that money donated to the Donald Trump charity foundation, basically to settle lawsuit against him and other companies owned by him.

But because we are so close to the first debate and basically just two months away from the general elections they are going to do everything they can to sand this situation up, If he were to lose the elections, Then as a businessman myself I am ready to bet that he could if not most probably be indicted in front of this extremely strong evidence of him using charity donated money to pay off lawsuits that have nothing to do with charity or anything else that surrounds his foundation.

Just saying….


Bombings in NJ and NYC

4 suspects on the lose and 29 people injured. It could have been a lot worse, only if the bombs in a backpack in Jersey hadn’t not exploded.
Micro-terrorists, amateurs so the FBI say, but the amateurs could have caused many deaths only if a set of circumstances had taken place. Like we said the New Jersey backpack didn’t explode like it should have, but only did once the bomb squad had attempted to defuse it with a robot and the Chelsea trashcan bomb caused only injuries for the fact that at the time it expoloded, no one was close to that trash can.

Usually in these cases the FBI are fast at identifying and locating the suspects and I hope that they’ll get their hands on the track of these cowards as well!


I can’t wait for some cool weather!

This has been the hottest summer since 1892 and back then I don’t even think that their temp instruments worked that well LOL. I have been around the country and never have I felt so frigging hot!! From Texas to Arizona and Florida among the hottest, but even when I was in Washington state back in June, I was roasting out at the pool.

Not to mention the droughts and wildfires that are the cause of this crazy heat. California because of the heat will lose totally its water supply within 25 years if nothing is done, the rivers and lakes in Arizona will be dry in 15 years and sea levels will be 5 ft. higher in 40 years time WTF!!!

Just because we wont be around gives us no reason not to try and stop this from happening.


So what is wrong with Hillary Clinton?

According to Donald Trump she could be on her deathbed, while in reality according to several medical professionals such as the experts interviewed on CNN, is that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton when four years ago was Secretary of State and actually suffered twice pneumonia, cases she covered briefly and completely. So how long was she in both of the past occasions? According to CNN the first time for 11 days and the second time or just a week.

So basically Hillary Clinton should raise from her deathbed within the next four days or maybe five at the very most, what will Donald Trump have to say then? , Is she related in some way to Jesus? I’m pretty much sure that he will find a pathetic excuse, like she’s under some illegal drug to keep her up straight, and because of that she is not mentally fit to run for president and definitely she is not fit to be the president of this great nation.

However Donald Trump said during a press conference a week ago that he was going to release his medical records, but first I guess we all have to wait that his team of medical experts adjust the bayous on all his reports making him look like he’s 24 again.

And to think that I’m still undecided on who to vote for LOL.


What is the fastest growing sport in America today?

Among the youths from age 7 to 17 the fastest growing sport in the United States of America and our neighbors in Canada in the game of soccer or better known around the world as football.
There are three states in particular that have massive numbers of children playing soccer all year round and the reason that they play sports or year-round in because all the states temperatures, those three states with the California, Texas and Florida, but unbelievably Arizona and New Mexico followed right behind them.

Some very important statistics are that the possibility of getting a college scholarship, or better still a sportsman scholarship from high school to college in soccer is one out of 16, so basically two players out of each and every single high school around this great nation will actually get free tuition and play soccer also in college.

While the baseball it is 786, football 493 and softball 399, so basically if you’re playing any of these resorts mentioned in this paragraph, your chances of getting a college scholarship or close to nothing, because too many people practice sports and there are not enough scholarships handed out by these rich colleges give children the opportunity to play the sport and to get an education.

I have been around the United States checking out soccer clubs very often, I do so because my son is a future professional, so I hope. One soccer club in particular that I noticed that had experienced coaches and a very good infrastructure was the Port Orange Soccer club based in Florida roughly an hour north of Orlando and 45 minutes south of Jacksonville where professional soccer teams play therefore the culture of soccer in that specific area is very high, consider that one out of three children in that town play soccer rather than any other national sports that are a lot more popular anywhere else in the country.

Do you have your children in soccer? If you do I suggest you keep them in soccer, if you don’t then I suggest once again that you put them in soccer, it could be a great investment for yourself and the opportunities for your children to continue playing in college and one may even professional are extremely higher than baseball, football, or basketball combined.