Nukes i the hands of 2 madmen!…

So, we have some dick over in Asia that has a hardon for the US and wants to blow us all up. Then we have on the other side a man that has no military experience in any form or way whatsoever, that can’t wait to blast North Korea back to the stone age.

You people can laugh at that as much as you want, but the threat on both sides is very but very very real. This time even China and Russia seem to have had enough with this over-fed clueless kid, starving his people and building himself an arsenal of nukes that within the next 8 to 12 months could have the capacity to strike and hit the pacific coast of our nation.

“While our State Department is making every effort to resolve this global threat through diplomatic means, it must be noted that the combined allied militaries now possess the most precise, rehearsed and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on earth,” Mattis said in a statement. “The DPRK regime’s actions will continue to be grossly overmatched by ours and would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates.

“The DPRK should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people,” Mattis said.

Yes, these are words to try and get the Chubby little boy to calm down and sit back at the negotiations table, but the White House seems pretty much ready to throw a few over the Pacific direction Kim Jong-un’s bedroom bunker! Basically its language that Kim Jong-un understands.

Well, we now have two crazy peeps with a nuclear capability to launch an attack on one another, lets see how this goes…


Will we survive whats left of the Donald Trump presidency?

So. We have a vulgar, unstable yo-yo with a toxic ego and an attention-deficit problem in the White House, and now we can see that government by Twitter is like trying to steer a ship by firing a pistol at the waves — not really useful — but what does it all add up to? Not that much, if you ask me, which you didn’t, but I’ll say it anyway.

We will survive this. He will do what damage he can, like a man burning books out of anger that he can’t read, but there will still be plenty of books left.

I went to my high school class reunion last week and the gentleman’s name never came up. He has been front-page news for months, every bleat, blurt, yelp and belch. His every gaseous eruption is played over and over on cable news. But among my old classmates, not a word. They spoke with awe and reverence of their grandchildren (we’re the class of 1960), some about travel, plumbing projects, beloved old cars, stories of youth and indiscretion, nothing about death or President Trump. After five hours with them, I have no idea whether they lean left or right. Remarkable.

Marvin Buchholz and Wayne Swanson are still farming, though they, like the rest of us, are 75 or close to it. They both know what sweet corn is supposed to taste like. Dean Johnson is still tinkering with cars. Rich Peterson is in terrific shape, thanks to teaching physical education all these years. His parents ran Cully’s Cafe out back of the Herald office where I wrote sports when I was 16, and I’d come in to eat hot beef and gravy on white bread and potatoes while reading my own immortal words in black type. They loved that boy, and he turned out well.

Bob Bell and I discussed some classmates whom I considered lowlifes and hoods because they wore black shirts with white ties and drove old cars with flame decals and loud mufflers, but he saw a better side to them and stood up for them, and good for him. His dad was an attorney, so Bob grew up with the idea that everyone deserves a good defense.

Carol Hutchinson was a librarian, Vicky Rubis a schoolteacher, Mary Ellen Krause worked at the town bank, one of the spark plugs who kept our hometown’s enormous Halloween parade going all these years. Carl Youngquist and I remembered our basketball team of 1958, a good bet to win State, but we lost in the early prelims to a bunch of farm boys from St. Francis. St. Francis! It was like Rocky Marciano being KOed by Mister Peepers.

It’s a privilege to know people over the course of a lifetime and to reconnoiter and hear about the ordinary goodness of life. By 75, some of our class have gotten whacked hard. And the casualty rate does keep climbing. And yet life is good. These people are America as I know it. Family, work, a sense of humor, gratitude to God for our daily bread and loyalty to the tribe.

If the gentleman stands in the bow and fires his peashooter at the storm, if he appoints a gorilla as head of communications, if he tweets that henceforth no transcendentalist shall be allowed in the armed forces, nonetheless life goes on.

He fulfills an important role of celebs: giving millions of people the chance to feel superior to him. The gloomy face and the antique adolescent hair, the mannequin wife and the clueless children of privilege, the sheer pointlessness of flying around in a 747 to say inane things to crowds of people — it’s cheap entertainment for us, and in the end it simply doesn’t matter.

What matter are tomatoes. There is an excellent crop this year, like the tomatoes of our youth that we ate right off the vine, juice running down our chins. There is nothing like this. For years, I dashed into supermarkets and scooped up whatever was available, tomatoes bred for long shelf life that tasted like wet cardboard, and now I go to a farmers market and I’m astonished all over again. A spiritual experience. The spontaneity of the tomato compared to the manufactured sweetness of the glazed doughnut. An awakening takes place, light shines in your soul. Anyone who bites into a good tomato and thinks about Trump is seriously delusional.

Garrison Keillor


Donald Trump to meet with Vladimir Putin today.

Donald Trump to meet with his best friend ever behind closed doors in just a few hours from now.
Along with them will be only two translators and the American translator is under oath that anything that said in the meeting is to be revealed in any way whatsoever. That makes perfect sense!
What will be on the agenda? I can speculate if you want: Trump will offer to remove all sanctions on Russia, will reveal without knowing some of our countries most classified secrets and in exchange he will get absolutely nothing LOL.

putin trump thomas f cheng

It is clear at this time that Pres. Putin is completely in control of the meeting, all his demands will be taken down and executed, and most probably the United States even if they have any demands of their own will be as usual ignored by the ex-Soviet Union KGB officer.

Vladimir Putin wants this meeting so that he can lay down his authority on Donald Trump. I myself find it very hard to understand why it Donald Trump wants to protect this country, but at the same time will sit down with Vladimir Putin and refuse to point his finger and accusing him of leaving the hacking during the 2016 elections.

I know for a fact that nothing will be said or done, if you consider that no sanctions have been given since that hacking attack, no action has been taken no action will ever be taken.

Best friends forever Donnie and Vlad!


Trump’s approval rating plummets after Senate releases health care bill

President Donald Trump’s approval rating plummeted over the weekend as controversy continues to swirl around Senate Republican’s revised health care bill.
Just 38 percent of Americans now say they approve of the job the president is doing in office, a drop of four points in just three days, according to the latest Gallup survey released on Sunday.


Trump’s disapproval also increased by three points up to 57 percent.
After sinking as low as 37 percent a few weeks ago, Trump’s numbers bounced back last week, reaching as high as 42 percent approval — a near month-long high for the president

However, the president’s approval rating began to dive again following the backlash that erupted after Senate Republicans released their revised Obamacare replacement bill.

Not only has the bill faced harsh criticism from Democratic lawmakers, but top Republicans in the Senate including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee all revealed in a joint statement they were “not ready to vote for this bill.”

Trump Promise on Health Care cost

“There’s no way we should be voting on this next week. No way,” Republican Sen. Ron Johnson said on Sunday. “I have a hard time believing Wisconsin constituents or even myself will have enough time to properly evaluate this, for me to vote for a motion to proceed. So I’ve been encouraging leadership, the White House, anybody I can talk to for quite some time, let’s not rush this process. Let’s have the integrity to show the American people what it is, show them the truth.”

The president, however, says he remains confident health care reform will get done, and soon.

“I don’t think they’re that far off. Famous last words, right? But I think we’re going to get there,” Trump said in an interview Sunday on FOX News’ “Fox & Friends.”


Trump and Twitter what a circus act

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter, I have my own account under my Thomas F Cheng name as you can see. I have a bunch of social media accounts on all the platforms, it is a matter of fact I love Social Media more than my job or any other activity. However I have never made a complete fool of my self by posting total stupidity. However I can’t talk for everyone and most of all for the President of this great nation of ours.

Every time that the man takes to Twitter he makes a true fool of himself, even more than he actually is. Now he’s tweeting that he’s the victim of an investigation that see’s him in the center of it all. Why worry if you’re clean? The investigators will prove that you have nothing to do with foul-play, so chill, don’t get mad.

Well the word is, he is going to fire the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, that his days are counted and that should actually take place this week. How will that look for Trump after that he fires the man investigating him? Well, with the rest of the world and the large majority of the Americans it would look terrible and would prove in all points his guilt. But to him and the avid trash that supports him it was the right thing to do LOL!

Lets stay on top of this and see where it goes!


What is Comey going to say today?

Well, it’s pretty sure what he is going to state in his live testimony and it seems that the president could get roasted and this time pretty badly. But this is America, so anything could happen really. With the GOP that has the lead in both house and senate you never know.

However, because the whole world is watching and the US wants to keep some and I state some credibility, then maybe whatever is said today, they should act on it and if Trump and his buddies have put there nose where they shouldn’t have then that is Obstruction of Justice and they all need to be removed and punished.

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comey trump


Impeachment of Trump and his circus when?

Many say that it’s not a matter of “if” but rather “when” will Donald Trump be impeached. Federal investigations bring up every day new facts that the Trump administration was deeply involved in relations with Russia and the hacking that took place during the elections.

A lot of my friends say that Thomas F Cheng (me) could get himself in a lot of trouble for saying certain things, then prove me worng, tell me what I’m saying that is not the truth?… The most wonderful thing about this country is that you can speak your mind as long as you don’t insult someone and thats what I’m doing!!


So yes! He will be impeached as this is the same way Watergate went, who was around back then knows that there is no way out of this, Trump knows and knew the whole time what was going on and that the elections like he stated many times “were rigged” but to his benefit!


What happened with the harsh words Trump used against all Muslims?

The reason why this man won the elections, is because his whole campaign was based on hatred, his whole campaign was based on getting rid of Muslims in the United States and therefore every single ignorant rednecks in the country gave him their vote. The rural parts of the country, that was not a single trailer park where he didn’t win. I am Thomas F Cheng I stand by my words.

This man wanted to block any Muslim from entering the country and then yesterday he sat beside the King of Saudi Arabia, okay, there was $110 billion deal that went down as well so I guess he has to bite his tongue. What happened about cleaning out the swamp, what happened about the wall, what about changing completely and repealing Obama care? One would say that Obama care repealing is right around the corner, but even then you would be wrong, they are delaying it because they know That it will never pass the Senate.

angry trump muslim ban hate

So, besides the hard-core Donald Trump stands that are deaf and blind, the remaining 50% of them that actually gave Donald trump their vote on not really that happy with him, and every day that goes by all the mountain of lies that he said during his campaign all the BS that he filled their minds with never came true at all.

Expect a lot more, expect him to bow down and not follow up in any way whatsoever with what he promised all the trailer trash of this country, That fell for his liesAnd now I’ll pay a dear price just like we all are, just like them but didn’t want this person at the Oval Office.


Was the FBI director getting too close?… YOU’RE FIRED!

Like I stated months ago on the Thomas F Cheng, Trump would have fired Comey, it wasn’t a matter of “IF” but better still “WHEN”. The former FBI director was praised just a few months ago, when he helped Trump win the election, when he came out only 11 days before the elections, stating that he was looking into the Hilary Clinton email scandal once again.

But in the past month, he was investigating the connections between the Russian government and the Trump crew, that go the Donnie a little nervous? Is there something that the Prez didn’t want the FBI to discover? Just look at who he has fired since he made office… I don’t need to put the puzzle together, anyone that actually has a little bit of brain can actually put that together and see whats going on here!

thomas f cheng

Who’s next on the list?


Bernie Sanders states that the new HC bill will not pass the senate

The new bill, a bill that helps insurance companies get rid of you if you get sick! A bill that will bring back pre-existing cause, so lets say that you’re diabetic and you were before signing up for your health insurance plan, now the company can drop you as soon as the plan is law. Then we have the the new borns, as soon as they’re born, the insurance companies can deny all care in the first 6 months of that son or daughter of yours.

I could go on for days with this BS, this is what the British have called, “The Bill of Evil”. Basically what we have here is that the very rich are the ONLY ones that will have full coverage and the insurance companies will make around 550 Billion a year in savings. So once again, the fools that voted for Trump, will now find themselves in the middle of this…

…Well, if you consider that 71% of veterans voted for him, now their going to close all VA’s and have you put on a health insurance bill, where you’ll pay just like the rest of us. Then the 67% of senior citizens that also voted for the Orange Man. They’ll see themselves rejected from hospitals for old age sickness, that BTW is also in the bill.

So at the end of the day we all lose out, but most of all the idiots that voted him in will pay the biggest price!

Our only hope is like Bernie Sanders said, that to stop this horrible reality at the Senate. They need all Democrats and 5 Republicans to stop it, it seems that they have the numbers, but not a lot will change and all that they’ll do is take it back to the table, make a few pathetic adjustments and then re-propose it again for the next 3 and a half years!