MiNDS on MLK Day

Joseph Jackson Jr, one of the infamous Tougaloo Nine, during the Minds Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service event though attended the said event but didn’t speak publicly about his contribution to the Tougaloo Nine that opened the Civil Rights Movement. Joseph was assisted by his son Joseph Marico III and grandson Joseph IV whom cannot walk freely due to glaucoma received the certificate released by Congresswoman Sanchez in relation to his contribution to Civil Rights Movement.

It was merely more than 5 decades ago when the Tougaloo Nine named after the incident that happened in a whites-only library in Mississippi where Jackson, one of the Tougaloo Nines walked into the library where blacks were forbidden to enter and created a shock for all. He then later on put to jail, fined $100 and then suspended.

I personally admire that this event had have happened since it became an inspiration to many up to this date. Jackson’s testimonies are not just a lesson but a great inspiration to many.

The Minds event, apart from remembering MLK’s example of great work but it is also a way where they recognized the contribution made by Jackson. It feels good to see that through this, they are able to help many people by providing health services, distribution of toys, clothes and books and most of all food. What a great service indeed!

Kudos to Faisal Qazi, who is the President of Minds, for this great job!