Gainesville Police Department “Hot Cop” turns out to be a Nazi!

Check this scumbag out!


To serve and protect, not that much protection from this cop if you happen to be Jewish!

One of Florida’s “hot cops” is facing backlash for allegedly making anti-Semitic Facebook posts.
On Sept. 10, the Gainesville Police Department posted a photo of officers Michael Hamill, John Nordman and Dan Rengering getting ready to work during Hurricane Irma.
The post quickly went viral, gaining more than 530,000 likes and 281,000 shares, and attracting comments from women worldwide.

Now, Officer Michael Hamill is under investigation by the department after two screenshots show him allegedly making anti-Semitic statements on his personal Facebook page, The Gainesville Sun reports. Yet they “Refuse” to suspend this Nazi of a Police Officer!!

One post from read, “What’s the difference between boy scouts and jews?” Anybody know? Well it is because “Boy scouts come back from their camps.”

Question: How many like this officer share the same thoughts in this Police Department???


I’m watching CNN right now where protesters blocked a bridge in Philadelphia causing a massive traffic jam

They are protesting against the police and by doing so they are making a few thousand late for work. Don’t these people have a job, has anyone noticed besides myself that all these protests usually occur during working hours, so is it that people that join the protests all over the country do they get time off work or do they have no work at all?

I’m sorry, I’m just trying to break some of the seriousness of these masses going on in our great nation, I think that this could be a very good arguments start off on my new Thomas F Cheng Tumblr page that I have recently set up.

I truly believe that in a free country you have the rights to protest, maybe it would be more appropriate to do it in front of the police station or a courthouse or a state building, but when it comes down to in forcing people to be late for work and causing endless traffic jams in major cities is not an appropriate form of protest in my personal opinion it is total ignorance and you deserve to be arrested.

I find it unjust that to human beings have to lose their lives in the hands of police officers and at the same time I find it incredibly unjust that a sniper decides to take out as many police officers as he can, I truly believe that protests can be effective to help change the things, process and helps the unites, but everything that I am seeing on television looks like it’s dividing the races in our country.

Lay down your sticks and stones, protest with intelligence and orderly and peaceful way without having to punish other citizens, by looting or destroying private property, by announcing racial slurs hatred towards paid to protect us, dialogue in my personal opinion would be the winning tool.

By the way those 25 people that walked the bridge going into Philadelphia and just being all arrested, their vehicles have been removed and traffic is slowly getting back to normal.


What do we make of the Dallas shooting?…

As you all know I clearly have no position and I do not stand either with the Afro-American community or with the police, however I am somebody that likes statistics and numbers, and today instead of talking directly about the Dallas shootings, I thought that I would pull up some numbers that way we can actually see without need for announcing myself who is right and who is less right in all of this that is happening in our nation in the past seven days.

As we all know nearly 55% of the inmate population is Afro-American, however 13% of the nation’s population is black, this obviously rings a bell, so I went and researched in-depth thanks to these numbers. 81% of armed robberies are committed by black people, 69% of fatal shootings are committed by black people and I will stop there, because robbing a bank or a jewelry store or voluntarily shooting somebody does not make you a victim it makes you a criminal and an assassin.

In favor of the Afro-American community there are other numbers rather than the ones that I polled above that are not certainly in favor of the black community. In the state of Florida with the Afro-American community is 12.9%, 52% of each please traffic stop is on Afro-Americans 62% of the time males. Those traffic stops and the 72% of the time would be Afro-American citizen being arrested, in most cases they are arrested for driving a stolen vehicle, driving without a license (either suspended or they’ve never had one), found in possession of a firearm or illegal substances and the why use alcohol or narcotic.

The white community that is pulled over by police is only 39.9%, 21.6% and up being an arrest, usually for the same misdemeanor or felony crimes that I have listed above, but a deep research made by CNN just two days ago claimed that in the state of Florida a man or a woman of white skin driving without insurance, registration or a drivers license will most probably be cited and sent on their way, while in most cases if that person is Afro-American they will be caught in the back of the squad car and sent to jail.

So as you can see there is a lot again the Afro-American community when it comes to serious crimes, as they are the ones that come the most of them, but when it comes down to simple infractions nine out of 10 times the Afro-American will end up in jail while the white guys won’t.

So as I pull myself of this as somebody that is neutral and is not backing either one the blacks or the police, I for however that if I polled a few numbers then everybody can make up their own idea on all of this that is happening has happened for quite a while in our great nation.


Man shot by police for a busted tail light

Even if the police car and the officer were equipped with video cameras… The St. Anthony’s Police Department doesn’t have body cameras, according to the department’s office manager, Kim Brazil. Thats not what you can see in the video taken by the victims girlfriend. You can check the video out on my Thomas F Cheng account on Tumblr. The only thing that the Police officials had to say was: “No police officers were harmed”

The nearly 10-minute video garnered more than 1 million views before it was pulled from Facebook. It was then re-released on the social media platform with a graphic warning. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Assistance, a state-wide criminal investigative agency, was called and is investigating the incident, with the hopes that the car and body cam footage will show up and that the whole sequence of this terrible incident will be brought to light.

police brutality

37-year-old Alton Sterling died due to multiple shot wounds.