How Significant Was the Russians hacking and how much of a difference did it make in the outcome of the elections?

According to the CIA it might have been vital, in the sense that the Russians may have elected Donald Trump.
I know that may sound a little too harsh, however after that I read the 119 pages of the CIA report that was rendered public yesterday afternoon, I’m starting to believe that the acting, the false news and their direct involvement, could have favored President-elect Donald Trump in large-scale and nationwide.

Nothing is going to happen, it’s not that we’re going to go back and vote once again, but this just shows how easy it is to influence the general election of the most powerful nation in the world simply by infiltrating via the Internet, this just shows how vulnerable the United States of America’s federal and state governments are and that we are way behind when it comes down to cyber protection, if the North Koreans, the Chinese and the Russians can infiltrate the Pentagon or any other federal institution, that actually said a lot and I truly do think that it is time that the United States government takes there thumb out of their ass and start moving into how to protect and counterattack any possible infiltration.

For all we know maybe they are already working on that, for all we know they could have been working on math of the 25 years, however the Russians are always a step ahead of us when it comes down to hacking into sensitive documents, so why not the Russians? Why not take them down and keep taking them down time after time, punish them, take down their Internet even there commercial Internet why their Internet connection while the face of the earth, that’s what punishment means, show them that you are capable of disabling them totally, infiltrate the Kremlin’s personal archive and make everything public, Michigan Will they do with WikiLeaks, you wouldn’t be doing anything less than they had already done.