Can we build a wall around Donald Trump?

Somewhere between the border of Mexico and the United States, someplace where there is a lot of fans, therefore there will not be a lot of people, therefore wall will not bother them.

We can maybe the wall around the golf course that he has in Florida, but let’s keep talking about the wall, the wall that the American people will pay for for. You see, Donald Trump’s plan is that to charge a special tax on Mexican products entering the United States, that tax will be paid by the consumer, and therefore a perfect example would be a Corona beer. So let’s say that the specific beer that we mentioned costs a dollar per bottle as soon as Donald Trump passes this law, a bottle of Corona beer would cost a $1.35, but the Corona owners would not pay that extra $.35, it will be you the consumer, it will be you the American citizen that will be paying for those extra 35% taxation on Mexican products and therefore it will be you the American people will be paying for the wall of Donald Trump wants to build dividing the United States from Mexico.

What a plan!!! What a genius!!! Even the Mexicans are laughing at us!! So let’s make this very simple and let’s just build a wall around Donald Trump!!


The Ozzy Man Reviews

I have liked this dudes page on Facebook about 3 months ago and since then everything that he’s posted has brought a laugh here at the office. I love to share these videos with my staff members, even if he’s a little vulgar and its really not a workplace kind of dude :)

Well, I thought that I’d share this with you all. It’s in theme with what we’ve been talking about in theses past few months, take it as you wish, I personally laughed like mad for an hour at this video!


How long will the White House administration last?

Apparently one of our national security advisers at the ties with Russia, basically Vladimir Putin had him by the balls, it could have been a strong possibility that sensitive information was actually passed to the Russians. Is what I have read on credible resources, but obviously the NSA and the CIA have not confirmed.

There seems to be many others that have extremely deep ties with the ex-Soviet Union, either they be politically or businesswise. My suggestion is that the national security agency or who will them in this case should definitely investigate, to see how many other members of this cabinet are deeply involved with Russia.

As this investigation keeps moving on, from what I read dozens of cabinet members could get deeply involved, could be forced to resign or even be impeached and that also including Mr. Donald Trump.

I say it now, and I am ready to bet with anyone, that this administration will be overthrown and/or impeached before August.


Can we talk about something else today?

Not really, see, if Trump keeps screwing up, all the rest of the world news is basically left to the side and considering he screws up every moment of the day, well…
…Lets talk about Trump again shall we!

He’s taken a few slaps left and right this week, the biggest lash-back was from his supreme court judge pick Neil Gorsuch. Maybe the POTUS should have picked a judge/puppet instead of someone that actually uses his brain and will defend the constitution.

I wonder how many chairs the Prez broke in his tantrum after hearing about Neil Gorsuch words? How many people did he insult in his inner-ring? I wonder why he never took to twitter and called Neil Gorsuch “Overrated and Sad”.

Talking about Twitter and the official “White House” twitter account!… Trump attacked Nordstrom for dropping his daughters products. Nordstrom, however was very clear, that the reason to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing line was due to the very poos sales in the past year. Basically since her dad started to run for president LOL.
I wonder if he’ll ever take the blame for that!


Is the Trump Administration crumbling?

I’m just curious what everyone is thinking about these federal judges beating down on the POTUS and sending his executive orders back to his table, with a big “Void” stamp on them.
While other nations such as the UK and Germany are taking massive steps back from their historical partner, other nations such as Australia are clearly upset with Donny and his circus crew. So while all these countries are getting more and more pissed off and more protesters hit the streets every day in larger numbers here in the US. My question would be: What is Mr Trump feeling right now? We know he’s not that happy to say the least, thanks to the tweets hes sending out, shooting diplomatic insults left and right!

How long will he last at the oval office? The bookies in the UK give him 3 to 1 that he wont last 6 months, some bookmakers are paying 2 to 3 bets for his impeachment within the first year of office. Well, if he keeps on like this, surely there will be an investigation or two to see whats under this Trump-Putin connection and why is it that all his cabinet has serious ties to Putin and Russia. Or the Wall-Street executive orders hes about to pull out, they seem to be very shady and sooner or later a federal investigator will put his hands on these files and pull out some “Hot Stuff!”