When you think that the White House couldn’t screw up again, then the unthinkable happens

Donald Trump Junior has put his father and all the white house in quite a pickle, as I have posted several documents on my Thomas F Cheng Facebook page, and of course what the New York Times has brought to light, and most of all the presidents son is not denying, that there actually was a collusion between himself and a Russian lawyer that works for the government.

russian emails trump thomas cheng

Grounds for impeachment? if it were a Democrat president I can guarantee you he Would have been already impeached, But like Watergate this procedure will take my personal opinion up to a couple years if not more.

But let’s go back a little, and ask ourselves if Donald Trump Junior claims that he is crystal clear, why is it that he never rushed to the FBI immediately letting them know that somebody had contacted him offering him what they did? Why did he not contact any federal officials in any way whatsoever? And if it was Donald Trump Junior himself that brought this on the White House, why is it that we have the president of the United States of America studies claiming that this is a witch hunt on the on the media?

This is a tsunami that just hit the Oval Office!!