Pray For The World

THE hydrogen bomb North Korea tested is its most sophisticated yet.

NORTH KOREA claims to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb for the first time in a move that has more than just alarmed the world.

The response from the US came through Tweets, it’s a matter of fact that the President attempted to Social Media North Korea to death, but it didn’t work. However Japan, China and South Korea officially condemned the testing by offering something of their own: A ballistic missile exercise in response to Pyongyang’s claim that it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.

Experts have expressed alarm at the technology as well as how quickly Pyongyang has accelerated its nuclear weapons program, not that hard if you think that they’ve brought in dozens of rogue nuclear physicists from the ex Soviet Union.

THOMAS F CHENG  korea h-bomb

North Korea’s only TV station claimed it tested the h-bomb in an underground facility, they claim that the bomb is capable of being loaded into an ICBM and could hit Japan and the west coast of the US.

According to John Hallam, a UN nuclear disarmament campaigner, the latest test is beyond frightening and proves Pyongyang is capable of making a devastating and deadly impact.


The Talibans aimed Christian women and children in their suicide attack yesterday.

taliban bombers

Where is all this hate coming from? Why would they want to kill women and children? How long will this go on for? What can be done to stop these animals?
When all religions speak of love and peace, these maniacs go around blowing up playgrounds full of women and children. What sense or logic has such a barbaric act? God told you to do this?

I think that these dirtbags are using religion for their own needs, it has nothing to do with religion what is happening in the middle east, there is no way in the world that when the books of religion where filled with words, did they ever talk of mass killings and to destroy them that preach God in a different way.

These are just fanatics full of hate, they don’t follow any religion as there is no religion that tells people to do this… Give Me a Break!


Pray For The World

My heart goes out to the victims in Paris, Lebanon and Baghdad.