Amazon rents 20 jet planes to speed up its deliveries.

amazon fleet

That just tells you how big Amazon has become, from what I understand it already leases 35 jets and now with these other 20 it basically has a fleet. I was personally impressed when I found out that UPS had 260 airplanes, but I can see that Amazon is on its way in matching UPS’s numbers!

however while UPS and FedEx own their own fleet, Amazon uses a third-party air transport service group to do all the flying for them. Amazon shipping costs in 2014 was close to $9 billion, 2015 numbers have yet to be posted by the company but they claim it is at least 25% increase and most probably 30% increase is projected for this year of 2016.

I remember Amazon when it was number two, when eBay basically ran all over them, but they took a different direction creating its own products, branding products that it purchased from other companies became the massive empire it is today.

Going back to the delivery service, Amazon claims that extremely fast delivery and customer satisfaction will bring more sales, Amazon also claim that even if they are increasing their fleet shipping costs will not be increased in any way, that of course for regular shipping and not express shipping.