Citi’s Makeover

The 39- storey Citi building in Manhattan will undergo a total make-over next month. This is in relation to their goal that all of Citi’s employees should foster interaction within their organization and to have an exchange of ideas as well with each other. The change promotes an open layout plan where everybody not going to hold an office anymore, surprisingly, Michael Corbat, Citi’s Chief Executive Officer is not excluded in the list. This gives all employees to work around anywhere in the building, no particular space designation.

I believe this is a nice idea but let’s see how their highest ranking executives will have to say about this open plan design and how good are they in terms of interaction by working closely with their subordinates.

I wish their organization the best and let’s see how this idea will open doors to other companies as well.

Looks like a good start for 2016 for Citi!