World’s First Autonomous, Human-Size Drone

As early as WW1, the US military began experimenting with unmanned aircraft. By WWII, unmanned aerial vehicles could be controlled by radio signals.

On 6th January 2016, the Chinese drone manufacturer EHang unveiled EHang 184, an all-electric quadcopter the size of a Smart car, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The first fully electric autonomous aerial vehicle is capable of carrying one passenger up to 220 pounds over short distances and is good enough for a 23-minute flight.

Though this may be a great alternative to beat traffic and stay relaxed while waiting for the transport to land on the chosen destination, the public might want to consider safety. What if the engines fail? But even if there are so many concerns on accident, most people still think that the concept is undeniably cool!

So for those who love excitement, fly high and enjoy the view!