Apple won’t make moving to Android any easier

Apple, the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer, denied claims that they had agreed to develop an application that would make it easier for current iOS owners to change to Android-based devices.  Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told Fortune on 11th January that they are entirely focused on switching users from Android to IPhone.  Apple has been criticized for years making it too difficult for its users to move from its platforms.


Last year, the company has released its Android-based app called “Move to iOS”, which allows Android owners to securely transfer all kinds of content – contacts, messages, photos and calendars -over to iOS.  But based on the reviews from users, it did not work on the first try so majority of the comments showed a rating of 1 star. A new app that would do the opposite is under development which would make it easy for iPhone users to migrate their data to an Android device.


So between iOS and Android, the consumer has the choice of which phone platform to buy depending on cost, functional apps, battery life, among others.  Marketing strategy is still the key to the success of the business! For me, my experience with Apple products have brought me to the level where I am secure, no need to think about replacing the gadgets in a span of two years time, no virus and so much more.