Donald trumps international tour

He bowed to the Saudi’s, will not physically but morally he definitely did, of course when there is a $110 billion deal going down his friends say who wouldn’t right?

Then he heads off to Israel and talks about about the Saudi, then he heads off to Palestine and told bad about the Jews, then he goes to Europe at the G7 Summit and basically doesn’t confirm any climate deal and leaves all the European leaders thinking: With this guy I want anyone with us? To the point where the German Chancellor, stated that from now on Europe will have to make its own decisions without the United States and maybe we should look towards Canada as a future ally.

We all saw what Pope Francis thoughts on our gracious president, he couldn’t wait to get the man out of the building LOL!

Then he comes back, like he has always done being viciously attacks the Free Press, but this time like no other time, even if the people that he chose to be in his cabinet are telling him to stop, he continues on a daily basis to unconstitutionally the press TV networks and reporters.

Let’s talk about statistics: Is solid ground all three months ago that sold the president with a 51% approval is now down to 29%, something you telling me many of his fans are abandoning him, and only the foolish are actually still there supporting this man in my personal opinion.

What about Russia-Gate? Why is the White House so quiet about all this? Why are they not saying a word to the press about this? What do they have to hide, or better still how much do they have to hide that we have no idea about? My only hope is that the special prosecutor will not only find the responsible of this treason, but will find in first person the direct involvement of our presidents and he will be impeached immediately.


Impeachment of Trump and his circus when?

Many say that it’s not a matter of “if” but rather “when” will Donald Trump be impeached. Federal investigations bring up every day new facts that the Trump administration was deeply involved in relations with Russia and the hacking that took place during the elections.

A lot of my friends say that Thomas F Cheng (me) could get himself in a lot of trouble for saying certain things, then prove me worng, tell me what I’m saying that is not the truth?… The most wonderful thing about this country is that you can speak your mind as long as you don’t insult someone and thats what I’m doing!!


So yes! He will be impeached as this is the same way Watergate went, who was around back then knows that there is no way out of this, Trump knows and knew the whole time what was going on and that the elections like he stated many times “were rigged” but to his benefit!


What happened with the harsh words Trump used against all Muslims?

The reason why this man won the elections, is because his whole campaign was based on hatred, his whole campaign was based on getting rid of Muslims in the United States and therefore every single ignorant rednecks in the country gave him their vote. The rural parts of the country, that was not a single trailer park where he didn’t win. I am Thomas F Cheng I stand by my words.

This man wanted to block any Muslim from entering the country and then yesterday he sat beside the King of Saudi Arabia, okay, there was $110 billion deal that went down as well so I guess he has to bite his tongue. What happened about cleaning out the swamp, what happened about the wall, what about changing completely and repealing Obama care? One would say that Obama care repealing is right around the corner, but even then you would be wrong, they are delaying it because they know That it will never pass the Senate.

angry trump muslim ban hate

So, besides the hard-core Donald Trump stands that are deaf and blind, the remaining 50% of them that actually gave Donald trump their vote on not really that happy with him, and every day that goes by all the mountain of lies that he said during his campaign all the BS that he filled their minds with never came true at all.

Expect a lot more, expect him to bow down and not follow up in any way whatsoever with what he promised all the trailer trash of this country, That fell for his liesAnd now I’ll pay a dear price just like we all are, just like them but didn’t want this person at the Oval Office.


Was the FBI director getting too close?… YOU’RE FIRED!

Like I stated months ago on the Thomas F Cheng, Trump would have fired Comey, it wasn’t a matter of “IF” but better still “WHEN”. The former FBI director was praised just a few months ago, when he helped Trump win the election, when he came out only 11 days before the elections, stating that he was looking into the Hilary Clinton email scandal once again.

But in the past month, he was investigating the connections between the Russian government and the Trump crew, that go the Donnie a little nervous? Is there something that the Prez didn’t want the FBI to discover? Just look at who he has fired since he made office… I don’t need to put the puzzle together, anyone that actually has a little bit of brain can actually put that together and see whats going on here!

thomas f cheng

Who’s next on the list?


Bernie Sanders states that the new HC bill will not pass the senate

The new bill, a bill that helps insurance companies get rid of you if you get sick! A bill that will bring back pre-existing cause, so lets say that you’re diabetic and you were before signing up for your health insurance plan, now the company can drop you as soon as the plan is law. Then we have the the new borns, as soon as they’re born, the insurance companies can deny all care in the first 6 months of that son or daughter of yours.

I could go on for days with this BS, this is what the British have called, “The Bill of Evil”. Basically what we have here is that the very rich are the ONLY ones that will have full coverage and the insurance companies will make around 550 Billion a year in savings. So once again, the fools that voted for Trump, will now find themselves in the middle of this…

…Well, if you consider that 71% of veterans voted for him, now their going to close all VA’s and have you put on a health insurance bill, where you’ll pay just like the rest of us. Then the 67% of senior citizens that also voted for the Orange Man. They’ll see themselves rejected from hospitals for old age sickness, that BTW is also in the bill.

So at the end of the day we all lose out, but most of all the idiots that voted him in will pay the biggest price!

Our only hope is like Bernie Sanders said, that to stop this horrible reality at the Senate. They need all Democrats and 5 Republicans to stop it, it seems that they have the numbers, but not a lot will change and all that they’ll do is take it back to the table, make a few pathetic adjustments and then re-propose it again for the next 3 and a half years!