What happened with the harsh words Trump used against all Muslims?

The reason why this man won the elections, is because his whole campaign was based on hatred, his whole campaign was based on getting rid of Muslims in the United States and therefore every single ignorant rednecks in the country gave him their vote. The rural parts of the country, that was not a single trailer park where he didn’t win. I am Thomas F Cheng I stand by my words.

This man wanted to block any Muslim from entering the country and then yesterday he sat beside the King of Saudi Arabia, okay, there was $110 billion deal that went down as well so I guess he has to bite his tongue. What happened about cleaning out the swamp, what happened about the wall, what about changing completely and repealing Obama care? One would say that Obama care repealing is right around the corner, but even then you would be wrong, they are delaying it because they know That it will never pass the Senate.

angry trump muslim ban hate

So, besides the hard-core Donald Trump stands that are deaf and blind, the remaining 50% of them that actually gave Donald trump their vote on not really that happy with him, and every day that goes by all the mountain of lies that he said during his campaign all the BS that he filled their minds with never came true at all.

Expect a lot more, expect him to bow down and not follow up in any way whatsoever with what he promised all the trailer trash of this country, That fell for his liesAnd now I’ll pay a dear price just like we all are, just like them but didn’t want this person at the Oval Office.