Donald trumps international tour

He bowed to the Saudi’s, will not physically but morally he definitely did, of course when there is a $110 billion deal going down his friends say who wouldn’t right?

Then he heads off to Israel and talks about about the Saudi, then he heads off to Palestine and told bad about the Jews, then he goes to Europe at the G7 Summit and basically doesn’t confirm any climate deal and leaves all the European leaders thinking: With this guy I want anyone with us? To the point where the German Chancellor, stated that from now on Europe will have to make its own decisions without the United States and maybe we should look towards Canada as a future ally.

We all saw what Pope Francis thoughts on our gracious president, he couldn’t wait to get the man out of the building LOL!

Then he comes back, like he has always done being viciously attacks the Free Press, but this time like no other time, even if the people that he chose to be in his cabinet are telling him to stop, he continues on a daily basis to unconstitutionally the press TV networks and reporters.

Let’s talk about statistics: Is solid ground all three months ago that sold the president with a 51% approval is now down to 29%, something you telling me many of his fans are abandoning him, and only the foolish are actually still there supporting this man in my personal opinion.

What about Russia-Gate? Why is the White House so quiet about all this? Why are they not saying a word to the press about this? What do they have to hide, or better still how much do they have to hide that we have no idea about? My only hope is that the special prosecutor will not only find the responsible of this treason, but will find in first person the direct involvement of our presidents and he will be impeached immediately.


Brexit: the doors of hell have just opened for the United Kingdom

As many of you already are aware of, yesterday evening the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union, obviously the British pound crumbled, it is still falling and will fall most probably for the next weeks to come, marketing specialists claim that it could go as far as $.50 per British pound, considering that yesterday evening before the exit polls and predictions were given the British pound was worth $1.50.

As the Great Britain is not a producer of crude oil and imports roughly 89% of it, the price of gasoline should go up, 55% to a stunning 75% within the next six months, importations also will stop, really anybody will have the possibility to import anything with the pound being so weak and of course because companies will be moving out in the months to come when we will see hundreds of thousands of British losing jobs before 2017 and most probably in the 12 months of 2017 roughly 7,000,000 British already lost a job putting the country and the biggest depression they have ever witnessed since the times of World War II.

This is not my personal opinion, this is the opinion of dozens of worldwide specialist warned the United Kingdom of the grave mistake that they would make if they left suddenly the European Union, it is not a soccer club where you can simply walk out and join another club.

The main responsible on this soon to come nationwide disaster are obviously the politicians that pushed to exit the European Union, those politicians in my personal opinion and the opinion of hundreds of other marketing specialists claim that they are totally unaware of what they have done, and will only realize the damage that they have caused in the next days and weeks to come.

According to the British constitution, a referendum to repair the damage would be basically impossible, you would need roughly 15 million verified signatures, would take roughly 9 months and by then the European Community would have done anything a hand in its power to have eliminated Great Britain from the European Union, blocking off all benefits and basically isolating the country from the rest of the European Community.

Then comes the problem of land that are working abroad in the community, they will now need visas, they will now need to head back home to obtain those visas, if they remain more than three months in their working position abroad they will then be considered illegal aliens and could face deportation.

Your health benefits of role will be none, you will be charged any hospital or doctor bills, you will need a specific permit to drive in the European Community and therefore truck drivers from the United Kingdom now will have to have a European drivers license and not simply their own drivers license issued by the United Kingdom.

You will no longer have three lines in the European Community, you will have a period of three ways to say and then after that you have to lead or find some old get you another three months permit to stay in the union.

However this is only the tip of the iceberg that 52% of British that both the exit I’m ready to back that at least 90% of them have already realized the devastating damage they are courses that country, to that bank accounts and to the future and therefore to their children.

I hate to sound drastic when giving also my opinion, but this unfortunately is most probably the biggest mistake the United Kingdom has ever made in its history and will pay dearly for this mistake.


Pop star Prince suddenly dies at the age of 57

This came quite a shock to me, Prince Rogers Nelson died at his home in Minneapolis today. In till now I am reading on the major networks a lot of speculation however the local sheriff department has opened an investigation to see the causes of death of the world-famous pop singer, producer and actor.

I have been to three of his concerts all of them in the 90s and all of them here in Los Angeles, the man was an incredible musician, and his stage show was totally amazing, after the loss of David Bowie another massive icon leads us at a young age as myself is also in the half-century range.

prince dies at 57

The most incredible thing about this artist was not the fact that he could play a guitar behind his back with his eyes closed, but you could also play many other numerous instruments, such as the saxophone, the piano, the drums and percussion, he was also taking in the past two years violin lessons and his teacher claim that he was extremely talented and was ready to perform even with this other complex musical instrument.

So I guess this evening I will sit down with the family and watch purple rain and of course on the way home from my office I’ll pull out “she’s got the look” album and played at full volume in the memory of an incredible musician.


So you been enjoying the extra low gas prices?

It’s amazing how the price of oil has dropped to less than what it was worth roughly 9 months ago, even worse if you look back eight years ago and remember that gas prices were actually double than what they are right now. The market of crude oil is a very vicious one, but from what I can see the United States is playing his cards extremely well.

From what I can see on the global market places like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Russia and Kuwait are pumping oil like never before, and from what many geologists and sciences are saying, at least the countries in the Middle East are soon going to see some drastic shortages in crude oil supplies as they may have rained out already 96% of what they had underground when they started drilling those areas back in the late 1930s.

Then who is going to supply the world with oil after this occurs? Well be largest producer of oil of the exception of the Arabs right now is Venezuela and of course the Russian Federation, they are banking in making an absolute fortune after the Arabs right out there Wells.

The United States on the other hand know for a fact that Venezuela is not that kind of a friendly country, and it could turn around and bite the United States at any time, Uncle Sam is also aware that the Russian Federation is not best friends in the pond, and therefore anything could happen and they could shut off the faucet any time.

What very few people know is that the United States of America as enough oil to keep this great nation running for the next 290 years, the United States has more natural gas than all other gas produces combined and along with Canada its resources on call also the largest world has ever seen.

The United States is still in reporting crude oil and natural gas, is keeping all its resources in the case something happens, in the case it becomes isolated, obviously this is looking way ahead, but I totally agree with our country’s policy when it comes down to watching your own back and keeping all the natural resources to yourself for your people!


ISIS is threatening Facebook and twitter founders?

I actually read about it on an alternative breaking news website earlier on this morning, in a video the terrorist group ISIS openly said they want to kill founders of both Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and twitter Jack Dorsey, due to their efforts in trying to take down as many terrorist related accounts possible.

In the 25 minute video you can clearly see Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey in a Photoshop image with bullet holes across their head and face.

On the same article it claims that there are roughly 60,000,000 social media active users that are sympathetic with the terrorist group and since the terrorist attacks that left 130 people dead in Paris both Facebook and twitter have suspended close to 500,000 accounts, twitter has suspended roughly 25,000 in the past week.

Feel free to visit my Twitter or Facebook account and let’s discuss this matter on social media and as always I love to hear your input on anything that I bring to the table to discuss.

terrorist group threatened Facebook Twitter ISIS


Boats are banned

Just read that Irvine Lake has a boat ban. I have mixed feelings about the ban. On one hand, I need my boat to get to the good spots of the lake. On the other hand, now that there aren’t any boats, the lake may be less crowded and more fish! Need to get out there soon!