So both conventions are over, what are your thoughts?

I can tell you mine if you want to continue reading :)

Last night I think that the DNC sent a very strong message of patriotism and tolerance, two things that usually are not found on the same party, but the Democratic Party of 2016 has made some radical changes and when you see a four star general on stage giving a speech as if he were a drill Sgt. and what a speech that was, then you know that something different happened. I truly did appreciate the two Pakistani Muslim parents that spoke about their children and help book of the Constitution in his hand and saying that he would borrow it to Donald Trump.

I have absolutely no idea if Donald Trump has read the Constitution, I believe he may not but that is pure speculation, however the message on that stage last night was very strong.

Everything looked great in my personal opinion until Chelsea Clinton came on stage and basically slows everything down, it was an inappropriate speech, it was too slow to lagged in her words and she was simply not herself at all.

I really was not 100% impressed by Hillary Clinton’s speech as well, she also was very bland and calm, I was expecting her to be a little aggressive when touching base with Donald Trump that didn’t happen and therefore I would say that the whole convention went great and they definitely scored many points above the RNC, but Hillary and her daughter kind of put me off, but just me, no one going to change my opinion just because they were not aggressive enough in giving a speech. I want to look at the programs, I want to see what they have to offer, I want to know in detail how informed they are when it comes down to politics domestic and foreign, I don’t care if they attack one another, childish, that is something that I don’t even look at.

As you can see I am still undecided I am leaning towards one of the candidates but not enough to say that I’m actually convince and that I will give them my vote!


So how do you think the Democratic national convention is going?

Day two in the DNC, I have to say I’m very impressed, they want was an absolute or, Michelle Obama absolutely nailed it, and the senator that preceded her, please forgive me if I forgot his name, they most probably one of the most honest and glorious speeches that I have ever heard a political convention.

Another factor that I know this is not on day two the Bernie Sanders followers decided to protest in silence as I find that extremely respectful and shows that there is a solid unity in the Democratic Party at this time, I have to admit I admire Bernie Sanders very much, and he accepted the defeat in an appropriate manner and not certainly like his colleagues said crews that went on stage at the RNC and literally vomited flames Donald Trump and basically told his followers to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Day three should also be very interesting as I was told, and tomorrow Hillary Clinton should be giving her final speech and acceptance to the candidacy. So I can say without any hypocrisy involved in that the DNC is going a lot better than the RNC and considering that the Democratic national convention has still two more days left in it, they actually have two more days to improving, or like the Republicans hope that they have two more days to ruin everything.

It will be very interesting to see what occurs in the next two following days, and as an undecided I will sit to the side and focus on what each of the two candidates can bring to the plate, what make a new to make America a better place, a safer place, and of course another very important factor is international security and terrorism.


Verizon to buy Yahoo for a record $4.8 billion deal

honestly I thought that Yahoo was a lot more however since 2008 it has lost 70% of its search results to Google and some to its direct competitor However it does remain an extremely powerful search engine and email provider, with close to 300 million searches a day and 55 million active email accounts. Not only nine Yahoo incorporation deals in all kinds of technology, they buy and sell domains, they have their own hosting service and have bought out many technological companies within the past eight years. That’s why I thought that Yahoo Inc. than what they are selling it for.

verizon-yahoo- 4.8 billion

another reason why I for the Yahoo Inc. was worth a lot more is because Google as many business experts explained in many different briefings and articles is worth over $100 billion.


so what do we make of the Republican national convention?

it is over with the final speech of Donald Trump, everybody thought he was going to change path, but apparently he did not he is sticking to his policies that we all know, many of us appreciate them many of us don’t, but most of the media thought that he was going to be a little more tame, lowering the tone on minorities and of course the famous wall that he wants Mexico to be entirely pay, actually where he stated even last night that he will force them to pay.

There has been a lot of controversy, Melania’s speech was basically a take from Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008, it couldn’t have been more bland and obvious, and to be honest I am very surprised that the Donald from campaign thought that they were going to get away with it. It is obvious that the media were waiting for something like this to happen and it did.

The demonstrated outside that in some cases were beaten not by the police but by the Trump supporters, I hate to say this but we have seen this before back in the 50s and it ended up with that candidate at that time losing horribly.

Then of course we have Ted Cruz that point blank shot at Donald trump, not only did he not endorse him but in his message he asked Republicans that are following him not to vote for Donald Trump and not to vote at this point for his party the Republican party.

So the end of the day, actually at the end of the four days we saw a very successful speech by ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, but everything else that preceded it and follow this in my personal opinion backfired and was a complete disaster.

Conventions ought to preserve and gain votes, but what I see unfortunately for the GOP at least in my eyes, the Republicans have lost a an incredibly large slice of undecided Republicans, maybe I’m wrong maybe it was just my impression, I myself am still undecided, so I call myself out at this time.

I truly do believe that it will be vital importance that the Democratic Party not have any of the dozens of mishaps occurred at the Republican convention, if they managed to get through there 4 days without any mishaps or fails I truly believe that they could nail the presidency even now in July.

The reason that I say this, is because it is said but not yet confirmed that Donald Trump will not attend any of the debates, maybe the vice president whenever he called Wells but from what I have heard and at this time is speculation, is that Donald Trump will refuse all invitations from all networks to attend any debate.

So that will be in my opinion in the eyes of the American people an incredible sign of weakness, and incredible sign of not wanting a confrontation, so that why I say this next upcoming week Democratic convention could be the case cracker could be worse the presidency.

But politics in our great nation has always given us incredible surprises, if you all remember the Ronald Reagan campaign started off extremely bad, they fell into many holes along the way, the president Reagan at that time candidate Reagan managed to pull many rabbits out of his bowler hat and convince the American people that he would have been most probably one of the greatest president of all time, and for many of us he actually was.

Celeb sit back and enjoy this next week’s convention, let’s see if they didn’t screw up like the Republicans did or if they can take extreme advantage from what we seen this week, I thought hoping that they will do well, I thought hoping that they will be bad, however I am extremely curious to see how they will do.


Turkey coup attempt: What do you all make of it?

What do we make of this coup? Turkey is NATO member and the US has 4 bases in its domestic walls. It is a strategic country considering its location, but also because it’s the ONLY Asian NATO country among the 21. Turkey is very influent on its neighboring boarders and has gained trust in the bordering countries though out the past years. It’s seen as a pest to Russia, that sooner or later it will get its own back on them for hitting down one of its fighter jets early on this year.

Turkey was a trade deal during the Cuban crisis. The deal was that the US would withdraw all nukes from Turkey in exchange of the Soviets taking back home their nukes from Havana. Turkey has been blamed many times in the past by the United Nations to have used brutal force on the Kurds and Amnesty International claim that their Jail system is worse than any WWII concentration camp.

coup in turkey

The failed coup brought to 5980 arrests and witnesses claim that some soldiers involved in the coupe were shot dead or beaten to death on the streets shortly after the legit government came back in control and restored order in the capital.

For the truth to come up and surface, I guess we’ll have to wait a few days or even weeks, so I’ll be updating the article with what comes next!


When is all this killing going to stop?

An Islamic extremist that apparently was not working alone according to the French authorities, run down 265 people killing 84 of them 12 of which were children under the age of five. Now, will someone please explain how on earth can anyone say they are doing this in the name of God? How sick can you be to execute such a horrifying act of violence? Why are they doing this?

At the same time I also disagree on how Donald Trump would like to take care of the situation, deportation of American citizens because Muslims is an act of lunacy as well.

There is a line between them both that can be used in my personal opinion, exactly what the British are doing right now where they have hired 50,000 new police officers and put them on the streets taking off 50,000 veteran officers and detectives that are specifically in charge of hunting down terrorists or suspects that sympathize with terrorist groups. The system has been ongoing for the past two years and has had incredible results, over 15,000 people have been arrested, 1950 of them have been jailed, 2940 of them are now in prison, 2500 firearms have been recovered millions of rounds of ammunition and hundreds of pounds of explosives have also been recovered by this method team off and fight terrorists.

Friends is getting something very similar together, but from what I see they seem to be a little disorganized, taking into consideration that 10% off but French population is Muslim, you understand that there are thousands of suspects that need to be checked out, need to be followed, that in some way needs to be stopped.

One would think that 9/11 would have made us more vigilant, it did make us more vigilant, but obviously not vigilant enough if these individuals can still take out dozens of people in one act of terror.

May God bless the women men and children that perished last night in this cowardly fashion attack on peaceful people enjoying the evening on the French Riviera.


I’m watching CNN right now where protesters blocked a bridge in Philadelphia causing a massive traffic jam

They are protesting against the police and by doing so they are making a few thousand late for work. Don’t these people have a job, has anyone noticed besides myself that all these protests usually occur during working hours, so is it that people that join the protests all over the country do they get time off work or do they have no work at all?

I’m sorry, I’m just trying to break some of the seriousness of these masses going on in our great nation, I think that this could be a very good arguments start off on my new Thomas F Cheng Tumblr page that I have recently set up.

I truly believe that in a free country you have the rights to protest, maybe it would be more appropriate to do it in front of the police station or a courthouse or a state building, but when it comes down to in forcing people to be late for work and causing endless traffic jams in major cities is not an appropriate form of protest in my personal opinion it is total ignorance and you deserve to be arrested.

I find it unjust that to human beings have to lose their lives in the hands of police officers and at the same time I find it incredibly unjust that a sniper decides to take out as many police officers as he can, I truly believe that protests can be effective to help change the things, process and helps the unites, but everything that I am seeing on television looks like it’s dividing the races in our country.

Lay down your sticks and stones, protest with intelligence and orderly and peaceful way without having to punish other citizens, by looting or destroying private property, by announcing racial slurs hatred towards paid to protect us, dialogue in my personal opinion would be the winning tool.

By the way those 25 people that walked the bridge going into Philadelphia and just being all arrested, their vehicles have been removed and traffic is slowly getting back to normal.


What do we make of the Dallas shooting?…

As you all know I clearly have no position and I do not stand either with the Afro-American community or with the police, however I am somebody that likes statistics and numbers, and today instead of talking directly about the Dallas shootings, I thought that I would pull up some numbers that way we can actually see without need for announcing myself who is right and who is less right in all of this that is happening in our nation in the past seven days.

As we all know nearly 55% of the inmate population is Afro-American, however 13% of the nation’s population is black, this obviously rings a bell, so I went and researched in-depth thanks to these numbers. 81% of armed robberies are committed by black people, 69% of fatal shootings are committed by black people and I will stop there, because robbing a bank or a jewelry store or voluntarily shooting somebody does not make you a victim it makes you a criminal and an assassin.

In favor of the Afro-American community there are other numbers rather than the ones that I polled above that are not certainly in favor of the black community. In the state of Florida with the Afro-American community is 12.9%, 52% of each please traffic stop is on Afro-Americans 62% of the time males. Those traffic stops and the 72% of the time would be Afro-American citizen being arrested, in most cases they are arrested for driving a stolen vehicle, driving without a license (either suspended or they’ve never had one), found in possession of a firearm or illegal substances and the why use alcohol or narcotic.

The white community that is pulled over by police is only 39.9%, 21.6% and up being an arrest, usually for the same misdemeanor or felony crimes that I have listed above, but a deep research made by CNN just two days ago claimed that in the state of Florida a man or a woman of white skin driving without insurance, registration or a drivers license will most probably be cited and sent on their way, while in most cases if that person is Afro-American they will be caught in the back of the squad car and sent to jail.

So as you can see there is a lot again the Afro-American community when it comes to serious crimes, as they are the ones that come the most of them, but when it comes down to simple infractions nine out of 10 times the Afro-American will end up in jail while the white guys won’t.

So as I pull myself of this as somebody that is neutral and is not backing either one the blacks or the police, I for however that if I polled a few numbers then everybody can make up their own idea on all of this that is happening has happened for quite a while in our great nation.


Man shot by police for a busted tail light

Even if the police car and the officer were equipped with video cameras… The St. Anthony’s Police Department doesn’t have body cameras, according to the department’s office manager, Kim Brazil. Thats not what you can see in the video taken by the victims girlfriend. You can check the video out on my Thomas F Cheng account on Tumblr. The only thing that the Police officials had to say was: “No police officers were harmed”

The nearly 10-minute video garnered more than 1 million views before it was pulled from Facebook. It was then re-released on the social media platform with a graphic warning. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Assistance, a state-wide criminal investigative agency, was called and is investigating the incident, with the hopes that the car and body cam footage will show up and that the whole sequence of this terrible incident will be brought to light.

police brutality

37-year-old Alton Sterling died due to multiple shot wounds.


Another bombing this time in a US consulate in Saudi Arabia

It looks like ISIS is losing drastic terrain both in Syria and Iraq, they are losing equipment and most of all thousands of men that are being killed either by drone attacks all by regular Syrian and Iraqi armies that are advancing rapidly taking back sissies occupied by the terrorist group in the past three years.

Today’s attack on a US consulate in Saudi Arabia was just one of the many bombings that have occurred this week alone, it is incredible how ISIS has such a vast reach over all the middle east and Europe, while here in the United States they may have contacts with a very few domestic cells however have committed two different occasions terror attacks against American citizens, if you all remember San Bernardino California and recently in Orlando Florida.

The suicide attacks in the middle east have increase and reached its peak, only in 2003 with a more suicide bombers that there are today, but considering that we are only halfway through the year unfortunately military and political specialists claim that this will be the worst year ever for terrorists attack taken out by suicide bombers.