Powerball jackpot swells to an incredible $700,000,000!!!

Let me ask you something: What would be the first thing that you’d do if you won? I mean after that you got the loot, that takes about 2 weeks processing time and then comes the taxing from both federal and state governments. So we’re talking about $320,000,000. Yep they’ll rob you for more than half, but hey!… who gives a crap, we still bring home millions and millions of bucks!!

My wife would love to have a penthouse on the beach and that would be my first move. I’ve always wanted a home in Aspen Co. and that would be my next move. Then I’d buy myself a Maserati Levante and get my wife a Mercedes G class. Then I’d take my family on a nice vacation, drive around the states with the new SUV and stop at all the best places this country has to offer.

One mandatory stop would be at St. Jude’s children’s cancer research hospital, where I’d leave on the front desk a $5,000,000 check.

After traveling around the country for a month I’d be back home at the penthouse and thinking on how to invest a part of my cash. One thing I’d like to do is invest in soccer, yes in the fastest growing sport in the country. I’d open a youth club and give free tuition for the first year, a nice complex with a dozen fields and all lit up with nice stadium stands.

More investments would be in my children’s education and the best health insurance money can buy, the same insurance the pigs over at congress have LOL.

So, what would you readers do with all that cash, well at least what would be the very first thing that you’d do?


Rollercoaster in OH!

How cool is that? A new rollercoaster in OH that shattered 10 world records! Better go and try that with my fam and friends. Oh, bucketlist!