Can we build a wall around Donald Trump?

Somewhere between the border of Mexico and the United States, someplace where there is a lot of fans, therefore there will not be a lot of people, therefore wall will not bother them.

We can maybe the wall around the golf course that he has in Florida, but let’s keep talking about the wall, the wall that the American people will pay for for. You see, Donald Trump’s plan is that to charge a special tax on Mexican products entering the United States, that tax will be paid by the consumer, and therefore a perfect example would be a Corona beer. So let’s say that the specific beer that we mentioned costs a dollar per bottle as soon as Donald Trump passes this law, a bottle of Corona beer would cost a $1.35, but the Corona owners would not pay that extra $.35, it will be you the consumer, it will be you the American citizen that will be paying for those extra 35% taxation on Mexican products and therefore it will be you the American people will be paying for the wall of Donald Trump wants to build dividing the United States from Mexico.

What a plan!!! What a genius!!! Even the Mexicans are laughing at us!! So let’s make this very simple and let’s just build a wall around Donald Trump!!


President elect dictating his rules one tweet at the time…

Twitter has never been so powerful, we could say that social media has never been so powerful either, what Donald Trump is doing on social media no president prior to him has ever dared to accomplish, and that is to dictate everything that he’s going to do when he will be president of the United States.

Just to say one, he managed to plunge Boeings stock with one single tweet, the company lost hundred and $125 million in a matter of 12 hours, obviously thanks to one of Donald Trump’s tweets where he claimed that he is going to cancel order the future Air Force 1 747 that are already in construction.

Thanks to twitter he has actually managed to put a severe dent in our trading deals with China, I mentioned is also on the Thomas F Cheng Facebook page yesterday, I actually anticipated it even before he actually tweeted it, claiming that he could do such things would want sweet, and a few minutes later he actually did LOL.

Donald Trump and twitter

It is obvious that the twitter account is once again back in his control, and the style on every single individual tweets is in Donald trump logical views. However, I would like to know once that he does sit behind that desk in the Oval Office, will he still be on his laptop at 3 o’clock in the morning sending out tweets? Or will he do it from his smartphone in bed at the Trump Tower?

Well, from mid-January our questions will be answered, by then he will be sworn in, by then he would have walked in his own parade from Pennsylvania Avenue all the way to the White House.


What are your thoughts on President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet choices?

I’m not even going to say the names,, as they are all over the news, basically all of us are talking about these extreme radical choices that within a couple of months will be governing our nation, I find it very hard to believe that we have gone to the extent where ex-KKK sympathizers And white nationalists are among the list that Pres. elect Donald Trump has chosen.

When I thought that things were starting to stabilize, I have to say that I was very far from right, I truly do hope that our President-elect will give a second thought to these appalling Choices for his staff members, and stop listening to the GOP and start including many of the available Republican Party members that are more suitable all the job rather than the punks that he has chosen.


4.5M sign petition requesting that electoral college to overturn the verdict of the elections.

Main sponsor of this petition is Lady Gaga, along with her there is Elton John and Madonna urging people to sign the petition in asking all men are still demanding that the Electoral college Overturns the elections on November 8 and hands over the presidency to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Constitutionally it is 100% legal, founding fathers invented the electoral college, however 200+ years ago 72% if not more of the population did not read or write, many of them actually believe anything that was told to them there for the electoral college was absolutely necessary even if it was never put action.

And therefore being 100% constitutional the electoral college if it wanted to could legally overturn these elections and hand the presidency over to Donald trumps opponent.

Is never going to happen, but I thought it was worth mentioning considering that if it ever did happen now or in the future you would know that no laws with having broken.

However now that 99.8% of the population actually can fluently read and write maybe it is time that we change this law belongs to our founding fathers Constitution, simply because it could overturn government legally, those governments that were elected in a legitimate way.


The worst still has to come?

Many people and especially the control stock markets, claim that we will be going through a worldwide recession as soon as Donald Trump makes office. How can they predict that I have no idea, I feel that it is a little exaggerated to say that this could occur even before he starts screwing things up LOL.

There is very little to laugh about, this country will now go through a stage that it has never been through before, a businessman, a TV show man, a loose cannon is now the leader of the free world, one that he gets his hands on the oval office how free will world be?

As usual I’m very skeptical, I would have been just a skeptical if Hillary Clinton has made the White House as well, but on the other hand she is a professional politician therefore first steps towards the Oval Office would have been a little different, but like I said time is the only true master in this game and we will see.

Keeping my fingers crossed that for sure!


Get out there and vote people!!!!

Don’t complain later that the other candidate wins the elections if you For first did not vote, you have no excuse and you have no voice in complaining if you did not vote, I voted, and therefore if the other candidate wins I have the right to complain, but like I said if you sat on your butt and did not Go to the polling station to cast your ballot then please stay in silence for the next four years.

Here in California it seems that Hillary Clinton has a massive lead thanks also to the Latinos that came out in the millions to cast their ballots, it seems also here in California the Afro-American community just like it did in 2008 at come out once again to vote for Hillary.

In other states such as Florida, that by the way is extremely important to both candidates, is seeing a draw so far, however it is said that 1.1 million Latinos still have to vote and most probably will vote, and they will make a massive difference on the outcome of that state, as many experts say it has 85% of chances to be blue.

Ohio seems to be in Donald trumps hands, as he has a two-point lead right now, and because it is a state with very few minorities, well, you know what I mean.

The fact that the Ku Klux Klan endorsement Donald Trump officially on their newspaper and that many high -ranked Ku Klux Klan members have also endorsed him, may have distracted in some way undecided voters, the fact that the FBI said that they found nothing in the new batch of emails sent by Hillary Clinton to her aids a laptop Had also pushed more undecided voters towards her way.

BBC news claims that it will be a landslide and that the outcome of the elections will be a horrible defeat of the Republican Party and that there is an extremely high risk that not only will they lose the Senate but also the house.

There are 36 hours left, go out and vote, most probably on Wednesday I’ll be posting more about these elections and hopefully it will be the very last time that we will talk about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!


What do you make of the new email investigation?

Well, doesn’t it seem a little awkward that a new investigation occurs a week before the general election? Did the FBI director (a registered Republican voter) do this on purpose? According to politicians and not only Democrats it was inappropriate but he may have also broken the law. Yikes!!!

So, basically what we is that they have found some emails (we have not been told how many) that are on a laptop, that very laptop was seized and used in an investigation that has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and her emails. For all we know they could be cooking recipes, for all we know they could be chitchat, roll we know they could be exchanging porn links LOL.

So basically this is what happened: The FBI director send a letter to Congress, Stating that they have reopened the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton emails, however this time they have no proof at all that any of the emails are considered classified, they have no proof at all if they came from Clinton’s private server or from a server that is secured at the Pentagon. According to CNN, the FBI will have to investigate into the emails only once but they have the approval from a federal judge that could take up to two weeks, then they will have to look into the emails and if these emails are in the thousands it could take a couple of months.

So, without pointing my finger at anyone, without backing anyone, I can sincerely say that this may have occurred on purpose to disable the elections and if that is the case and if that can be proved, then it is a shame that the federal government can do such things and most probably would get away with it.

I personally believe that this is not going to make any difference in the general elections, in places like California and Florida 65% of Hillary Clinton voters have already casting their ballots, and from what it seems early voting in the nation is already at a top 27.6%, that’s 21 points more than four years ago. NBC claims that 80% of the early voters or Democrats.

I myself don’t believe the general election polls, I’ll give you a perfect example: 80% of Donald Trump supporters have a banner in their front yard, one out of 10 homes here in California have a Donald Trump banner in their front yard. In Texas three out of 10 homes and a Donald Trump banner on their property, in Alabama five out of 10 homes have something representing Donald Trump that can be seen from the street. Now do the math!

Those of the statistics that I’m looking at right now is a very curious statistic is that only one out of 49 households that vote Democratic actually do have Hillary Clinton propaganda visible from the street. These the numbers that were issued by the BBC that happens to be the most reliable news source worldwide and has been for the past 80 years.

There are many factors that actually show that this will be a horrific landslide for Donald Trump, however I am one of those that believes that Donald Trump has millions and millions of supporters worldwide and not only in the United States, in the ex-Soviet union Donald Trump is more popular in some areas than Putin himself LOL.

But being popular abroad like in Russia, Turkey, Palestine and Italy does not bring votes to the ballot here in the United States. I am going to predict that it will not be a landslide, however I truly believe that Hillary Clinton will get roughly 8 to 12 percentage points In the popular vote, and most probably around 340 editorial votes.

So, as I can see and I am sharing with my readers right now, this new email investigation will barely touch the results in this general election, if it does it will be at the very most one or two points that will go against Hillary Clinton, but as experts say what ever Clinton loses will most probably drop in the pocket of the independent or the Green voters.

I would love to carry on talking about this as there are hundreds of other different points and statistics that I’m sure that everyone Republican and Democrat alike would find extremely important and interesting, but I truly do think that you should decide you’re going to vote for, I have already voted, I am happy with who I voted for, I seriously doubt that I will regret who I voted for and that is what everybody has to do and feel before they actually vote.

One suggestion I can give my readers and that is to vote early, I voted on October 24 during lunchtime and therefore I thought the polls were going to be packed, my prediction in that case was absolutely wrong, I was in and out within 10 minutes, there are dozens of staff members observers and the security personnel, so don’t wait for November 8, you’ll be hours and hours on end in line and we all know what happened there, some of you won’t even wait, some of you will actually leave, some of you won’t cast your vote and if that is the case then do not complain if the other person different from who you wanted to vote for actually wins.


I voted early! And guess who I voted for?

I’m not going to tell you! LOL! No, I’m serious I’m not going to tell anyone what voted for!
What I can say is that the polling stations were extremely busy already at 9 o’clock this morning, and because I lost my car keys I was there until 10.45 when an old man brought them back claiming he had took them off the desk where I had just voted thinking they were his. But what you get the voting early LOL!

In the state of California but especially in the state of Florida it seems that 15% in the first two days have already voted, that is an astonishing number compared to past elections where on day one of early voting, we never even touched 3%.

If you are going to vote early then get there early in the sense get there early in the morning, because I basically walked in and in 10 minutes I was already done!


Trump booed for bringing the debate to the Al Smith charity dinner!!!

booed trump

Apparently Donald Trump managed to break another record, that of being the first presidential candidate to be booed at the Al Smith charity dinner. It was supposed to be the two candidates making fun of one another, taking a break from the campaign and being friends for one night. That actually didn’t occur, what did was Donald Trump brought a debate to the dinner and obviously the crowd did not appreciate, even more this was a crowd that was paying $10,000 per person to be at that very dinner.

With 18 days ago, national polls show Hillary Clinton at 50% against 38%, this is the largest margin in history and not just in this race for president.

From what I understand both candidates are in the state of Ohio today campaigning, as Ohio apparently has become a flip state, even though it has been in Republican hands for decades, the candidates then should be heading also to Arizona, where there as well the state is leaning toward the Democrats that would be the first time in 22 years. It seems the same with Utah, the Democrats all three points ahead as Hillary Clinton is closing in at an incredibly fast rate on her adversary even in Texas, you heard right I said Texas!

up-to-date, looking at editorial votes, if we were to vote today Hillary Clinton would take the presidency with 321 editorial votes against the 119 that would go to Donald Trump. This puts the GOP in alarm, and it seems that Senate is already gone in the hands of the Democrats, but with these scary numbers there is a huge possibility that they lose the house as well, basically they would have a situation where the only will they lose the presidency but they would lose totally the control of the country.

So I ask myself, in the GOP asking themselves how on earth did Donald Trump actually made it to be their preferred candidate, and most probably at this time they are asking themselves why didn’t they take care of this before it was too late?…

As every time that I post his numbers get lower and lower, don’t get me wrong, his supporters are going nowhere, they are with him all the way, but what he is losing out on August 21 percent of undecided those 39.4M Americans with the right to vote and have basically slid in their majority towards Hillary Clinton.

Not only, but not officially, Israel has endorsed also Hillary Clinton, and this could push the 13 million Jewish voters from Republican to Democrat, if that would be the case that we would be looking at a never seen before and absolute landslide.


Are we all ready for the third and last presidential debate?

Will the third debate also go to Hillary Clinton? Orwell Donald Trump actually try to be a little moderate and talk about serious issues in our country, but most of all will he be capable of setting goals and plans for each and every single one of issues that will be addressed in this debate? The answer to that will be “absolutely not”. We all know Democrats and Republicans, independents and undecided, that he will come down full force and Hillary Clinton.

I see him saying that the elections are rigged, I see him saying that Hillary Clinton should be in jail, I see him saying that the now 11 women accusing him of sexual assault are liars, I see him saying that he knows more about prices than the general do, I see him saying that he will release his taxes once the audit is over, I see him saying lots and lots of stuff tonight. But really nothing walked presidential candidate would say all bring up.

Will tonight be the end of Donald Trump? Will this be Hillary Clinton’s passport to the presidency? Or will he actually pull something out of his hat And turn the tables around obviously in his favor, I know that may sound like science fiction but it could happen, let’s wait and see!!