4.5M sign petition requesting that electoral college to overturn the verdict of the elections.

Main sponsor of this petition is Lady Gaga, along with her there is Elton John and Madonna urging people to sign the petition in asking all men are still demanding that the Electoral college Overturns the elections on November 8 and hands over the presidency to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Constitutionally it is 100% legal, founding fathers invented the electoral college, however 200+ years ago 72% if not more of the population did not read or write, many of them actually believe anything that was told to them there for the electoral college was absolutely necessary even if it was never put action.

And therefore being 100% constitutional the electoral college if it wanted to could legally overturn these elections and hand the presidency over to Donald trumps opponent.

Is never going to happen, but I thought it was worth mentioning considering that if it ever did happen now or in the future you would know that no laws with having broken.

However now that 99.8% of the population actually can fluently read and write maybe it is time that we change this law belongs to our founding fathers Constitution, simply because it could overturn government legally, those governments that were elected in a legitimate way.