Collective Soul’s “Shine”

Collective Soul has been my favorite band since the start of their career in ’93. Their debut album was recorded in a basement . The song “Shine” was carted up by Amy Staehling, who was the host of Georgia Music Show at Album 88 in Atlanta, and later on added to the station’s rotation.

Since then “Shine” has been the most requested song in the air making the band earned instant popularity in the industry and made the song its first official line-up where Atlantic Records subsequently signed them to a contract.

‘twas in ’93 where Atlantic Records released the album Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid which includes the phenomenal song “shine” where later on they received international recognition and a double-platinum award.

Every-time I listen to “shine” it never fails to let me walk down the memory lane as this was my hymn to my father.


Collective Soul

Collective Soul will be in town on the 14th! Such a great band. They always put on a good show. Ed Roland is an incredible singer. I’m really enjoying their new album.