SpaceX at 4!


It was SpaceX’s fourth attempt to land the rocket upright on droneship, somewhere in Pacific Ocean, and is still not a success. The reason being to perfect all attempts is for Elon to save cost on building space rockets and so they could be able to use it again, recycling indeed. Well, knowing the cost of the space rockets which ranges from $60M and $90M is really no joke at all. For me, for every failed launch, is like throwing away millions of dollars directly into the bin.

I hope in the future launches, it will be a success as they have been trying to perfect it for so many times already and too much effort has already been exerted.


Falcon 9

Who would have thought that those people living in the central Atlantic coast of Florida have been enjoying watching the spectacle of rockets heading to space for decades now and last Monday night a new sight of a rocket coming back down to a gentle landing has been seen. It could probably a great experience to some of them especially kids!

Elon Musk, who is the Chief Executive of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation aka Space X, said during his telephone news conference “ It really felt like it was right on top of us” where he initially thought that the landing will be a failure because it ended with an explosion. But later on found out that the booster landed and stood in one piece. Whoa! It was a successful mission indeed after several attempts of launches. Congratulations, Mr. Musk!