So who sat down and watched the Republican presidential debate yesterday evening?

I’ll tell you that was quite the fight, and I’m pretty much sure it has left a lot of potential voters totally undecided, nearly all the candidates were very convincing in their words, although they changed strategy last night and besides bashing one another they really took it out hard on Pres. Obama.

However I will be taking the discussion to all of my social media pages and especially my Thomas F Cheng Twitter account as I see the discussion is already on its way and it’s quite hot. Obviously I am one of those undecided and I’m not just talking about Republicans or Democrats I’m totally undecided, I think that I will get to the voting center in November and still I won’t know what my conference will be. Only time can change that I guess.


What is your favorite social media network?

Needless to say mine is Facebook, and in a blog post a couple of days ago I posted a contextual link that led to my Facebook page inviting you all to become a friend if you want to and to join in the discussion, all those things that I bring up its great to see that a lot of you are actually joining in and giving your own input.

But because they are roughly 600,000,000 people around the world that actually prefer Twitter to Facebook, then be sure to hook me up over at the Thomas Cheng Twitter account that I have open, it’s always great to see people tweeting and re-tweeting everything that I post, let’s keep that up I’m really enjoying the so many new faces from all over the world that are getting in contact with me via social media and always remember that I am available also on LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and of course the almighty Google plus.

So if is anybody that would like to open a discussion today in tell me what is your favorite social media platform and of course tell us why it is specifically your favorite that would help me of course figure out the differences between the at least 15 social media networks where I’m an actual member.

Also I’d like to know from my readers, is where do you think Facebook is going, is it going to grow anymore or is it the next MySpace, basically where it got too big and then was taken over by an alternative by an antagonist by something that offered something different, something more exciting and of course inviting. In your opinion is that going to happen anytime soon?

I truly believe that mobile has a lot to do with it, and that’s why Facebook is moving more towards mobile than it is regarding its interface for PC and Mac, 80% of social media users reach their platforms via mobile devices 55% are iOS believe it or not.

Something that I found very interesting, and it is something that I have been looking at quite in-depth for the past three weeks is that the Chinese over 1 billion people online at this time and most probably by the end of 2020 there will be close to 1.5 billion Chinese online, have their own social media networks, not because they’re obligated, it’s because they actually have a look a like Twitter and a look-alike Facebook not to mention the free text and chat options in different and many kinds of forms of social media, are they more advanced than us Westerners?

So I believe that I have thrown a rather large size log in the fire and that will keep on burning for a couple of days until I’m back LOL.


So how are you all coping with the snowstorms and freezing weather?

thomas f cheng blog

Yes I know it can be easy, and I have had my pretty large dose of cold myself, as many know I am always on the go and therefore I have been to the North East this past week and have had a taste of the subzero temperatures in Boston, New York and of course our great capital Washington DC.

Actually it was a miracle that I got out of that weather just before the great snowstorm pushed its way in, basically I be the clock by four hours if that!

I have some pretty good pictures taken while I was in DC, snow had already hit the ground and I will be posting them shortly on social media. Thomas Cheng on Facebook to be more precise.

I have dozens of social media pages from Facebook, to twitter, to Google plus, to YouTube, to linked in, you name it I have it, yes I am a social media platform freak LOL.

To be honest I find it quite relaxing to post and share what I do in my spare time and sometimes even on the job with everybody that follows me and all my friends and family through social media.

Please stay safe everybody that is still in that horrid cold, be careful of icy roads, and next time that I’m in New York City I’ll be posting my location on Facebook and if any of my readers would like to meet up with me for hot coffee I would be delighted to meet you all.


Blizzard hits East Coast!

CNN reported on Sunday that a massive blizzard clobbered the East Coast leading most residents shoveling the snow and ice in their areas.  It was likewise mentioned that as a result of the snow storm at least 14 people have died, grounded thousands of flights and shut down travel in many of the largest cities.  Some motorists were stranded for hours on highways while road accidents were recorded in some places.

People who were digging out the snow for hours were quite exhausted.  Some of them had fun though, esp. the younger ones and the young at heart who posted the snow angel videos and photos on their FB accounts.  It took the community awhile cleaning up the streets but everybody was all glad that the snowfall was over.

I wish that it will be easy for the affected families to cope up soon and sending my regards to each family. All will be well.



SpaceX at 4!


It was SpaceX’s fourth attempt to land the rocket upright on droneship, somewhere in Pacific Ocean, and is still not a success. The reason being to perfect all attempts is for Elon to save cost on building space rockets and so they could be able to use it again, recycling indeed. Well, knowing the cost of the space rockets which ranges from $60M and $90M is really no joke at all. For me, for every failed launch, is like throwing away millions of dollars directly into the bin.

I hope in the future launches, it will be a success as they have been trying to perfect it for so many times already and too much effort has already been exerted.


The White House is Now on Snapchat

Since most people are now into social media, White House official has announced on 11th January that they have joined the Snapchat just in time for President Obama’s State of the Union on Tuesday.  The updates will be available on their new account under the username “WhiteHouse”.  Snapchat is a video messaging app that can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings.

It was likewise reported by chief digital officer Jason Goldman in a post that this innovation is part of White House’s approach of “meeting people where they are”.  President Obama who is the first sitting president with a twitter account and a FB page, will be using this social media to speak directly to the people esp. the young adults who use the app most often.  This tool will definitely help influence the younger generation’s political opinions and future discussions. With the growing influence of social media to people, it’s a great avenue for many to voice out their opinions whether personal or political in nature. I think it’s great to be on Snapchat and start it myself, too!


MiNDS on MLK Day

Joseph Jackson Jr, one of the infamous Tougaloo Nine, during the Minds Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service event though attended the said event but didn’t speak publicly about his contribution to the Tougaloo Nine that opened the Civil Rights Movement. Joseph was assisted by his son Joseph Marico III and grandson Joseph IV whom cannot walk freely due to glaucoma received the certificate released by Congresswoman Sanchez in relation to his contribution to Civil Rights Movement.

It was merely more than 5 decades ago when the Tougaloo Nine named after the incident that happened in a whites-only library in Mississippi where Jackson, one of the Tougaloo Nines walked into the library where blacks were forbidden to enter and created a shock for all. He then later on put to jail, fined $100 and then suspended.

I personally admire that this event had have happened since it became an inspiration to many up to this date. Jackson’s testimonies are not just a lesson but a great inspiration to many.

The Minds event, apart from remembering MLK’s example of great work but it is also a way where they recognized the contribution made by Jackson. It feels good to see that through this, they are able to help many people by providing health services, distribution of toys, clothes and books and most of all food. What a great service indeed!

Kudos to Faisal Qazi, who is the President of Minds, for this great job!


Apple won’t make moving to Android any easier

Apple, the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer, denied claims that they had agreed to develop an application that would make it easier for current iOS owners to change to Android-based devices.  Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told Fortune on 11th January that they are entirely focused on switching users from Android to IPhone.  Apple has been criticized for years making it too difficult for its users to move from its platforms.


Last year, the company has released its Android-based app called “Move to iOS”, which allows Android owners to securely transfer all kinds of content – contacts, messages, photos and calendars -over to iOS.  But based on the reviews from users, it did not work on the first try so majority of the comments showed a rating of 1 star. A new app that would do the opposite is under development which would make it easy for iPhone users to migrate their data to an Android device.


So between iOS and Android, the consumer has the choice of which phone platform to buy depending on cost, functional apps, battery life, among others.  Marketing strategy is still the key to the success of the business! For me, my experience with Apple products have brought me to the level where I am secure, no need to think about replacing the gadgets in a span of two years time, no virus and so much more.


“Moto by Lenovo” is a new Tag

The smartphone marketplace is always changing making it difficult to monitor who is at the top.  But based on the 2015 data, Samsung captured the 1st spot from Apple while Lenovo landed on 3rd place (the data has included the Motorola unit sales).On 30th October 2014, Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility from Google.  The acquisition of Motorola brand and its portfolio of innovative smartphones like Moto X, Moto G, Moto E and the DROIDTM series positioned Lenovo as the world’s 3rd largest maker of smartphones.  Motorola Mobility CEO Rick Osterloh said in an interview with CNET on 7th January 2016 that the Motorola brand name will soon be replaced with “Moto by Lenovo”.  Lenovo is one of the tech companies that offers a complete PC + tablet + smartphone experience making it their major competitive advantage.It was reported in the tech reviews last week that the best latest upcoming smartphones to be released in 2016 are worth the wait.  Samsung and Apple are still in the top 5 list whereas Lenovo was nowhere in sight.  So even if Lenovo’s new name and state-of-the-art innovations set them apart, let’s see if they can impress the public and gather more sales.


Farewell, David Bowie!

Born David Robert Jones, David Bowie was one of the most influential writers of pop music. He was an English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger, painter and actor. Bowie achieved his commercial breakthrough in 1969 with the song “Space Oddity”. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, his androgynous appearance was an iconic element of his image.

A shocking news revealed that on 10th January 2016, two days after Bowie’s 69th birthday marked by the release of his first album “Blackstar” in three years, the rock star and legendary musician succumbed to liver cancer at his New York home after a tough 18-month struggle. Bowie’s producer Tony Visconti mentioned that his final album which was recorded in early 2015 was a farewell “parting gift” to the world. The lyrics were about acceptance of his fate.

Bowie’s death was a complete surprise to many because those who are close to him kept the disease a secret. He was reported to be a long-time smoker and heavy drug user, and had put his health under strain for many years.

We share in this huge loss … our deepest sympathies to his family!