“Moto by Lenovo” is a new Tag

The smartphone marketplace is always changing making it difficult to monitor who is at the top.  But based on the 2015 data, Samsung captured the 1st spot from Apple while Lenovo landed on 3rd place (the data has included the Motorola unit sales).On 30th October 2014, Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility from Google.  The acquisition of Motorola brand and its portfolio of innovative smartphones like Moto X, Moto G, Moto E and the DROIDTM series positioned Lenovo as the world’s 3rd largest maker of smartphones.  Motorola Mobility CEO Rick Osterloh said in an interview with CNET on 7th January 2016 that the Motorola brand name will soon be replaced with “Moto by Lenovo”.  Lenovo is one of the tech companies that offers a complete PC + tablet + smartphone experience making it their major competitive advantage.It was reported in the tech reviews last week that the best latest upcoming smartphones to be released in 2016 are worth the wait.  Samsung and Apple are still in the top 5 list whereas Lenovo was nowhere in sight.  So even if Lenovo’s new name and state-of-the-art innovations set them apart, let’s see if they can impress the public and gather more sales.