Fort Lauderdale gunman Was previously interviewed by the FBI

So what was he doing with a semiautomatic handgun legally placed in his luggage? Don’t get me wrong, it is illegal to carry a firearm if you have specific permits in your luggage, and specifically your checked in luggage, however this person, this assassin and previous interviews with the FBI in Anchorage Alaska.

Apparently, nothing came out of those interviews and the man and his legal gun permits were set free. Three months later he opened fire in a Florida airport killing five innocent people and wounding another 13. According to some federal sources this incident could have been prevented, the person was in some way unstable and his weapon and is legal gun permit should have been immediately confiscated during his interview in Alaska months before the terror attack, you can call it that, occurred in Fort Lauderdale.

Donald Trump tweeted as usual this time claiming that his thoughts go to those people that lost their lives, however he is in favor of not restricting gun control in this country, something that Pres. Obama has been trying to put in place for nearly 8 years with massive obstruction from the Republican Party claiming that gun control is a violation of the Second Amendment and therefore in their opinion people like this assassin can go around legally in airports with a semi automatic handgun.


Bombings in NJ and NYC

4 suspects on the lose and 29 people injured. It could have been a lot worse, only if the bombs in a backpack in Jersey hadn’t not exploded.
Micro-terrorists, amateurs so the FBI say, but the amateurs could have caused many deaths only if a set of circumstances had taken place. Like we said the New Jersey backpack didn’t explode like it should have, but only did once the bomb squad had attempted to defuse it with a robot and the Chelsea trashcan bomb caused only injuries for the fact that at the time it expoloded, no one was close to that trash can.

Usually in these cases the FBI are fast at identifying and locating the suspects and I hope that they’ll get their hands on the track of these cowards as well!


When is all this killing going to stop?

An Islamic extremist that apparently was not working alone according to the French authorities, run down 265 people killing 84 of them 12 of which were children under the age of five. Now, will someone please explain how on earth can anyone say they are doing this in the name of God? How sick can you be to execute such a horrifying act of violence? Why are they doing this?

At the same time I also disagree on how Donald Trump would like to take care of the situation, deportation of American citizens because Muslims is an act of lunacy as well.

There is a line between them both that can be used in my personal opinion, exactly what the British are doing right now where they have hired 50,000 new police officers and put them on the streets taking off 50,000 veteran officers and detectives that are specifically in charge of hunting down terrorists or suspects that sympathize with terrorist groups. The system has been ongoing for the past two years and has had incredible results, over 15,000 people have been arrested, 1950 of them have been jailed, 2940 of them are now in prison, 2500 firearms have been recovered millions of rounds of ammunition and hundreds of pounds of explosives have also been recovered by this method team off and fight terrorists.

Friends is getting something very similar together, but from what I see they seem to be a little disorganized, taking into consideration that 10% off but French population is Muslim, you understand that there are thousands of suspects that need to be checked out, need to be followed, that in some way needs to be stopped.

One would think that 9/11 would have made us more vigilant, it did make us more vigilant, but obviously not vigilant enough if these individuals can still take out dozens of people in one act of terror.

May God bless the women men and children that perished last night in this cowardly fashion attack on peaceful people enjoying the evening on the French Riviera.