Robbie Keane and the LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy, having only 33 players all-time named to MLS Best XI, continues to lead the Major League Soccer. Today, Robbie Keane was named to be the 2015 BEST MLS XI where he earned a spot to the MLS BEST XI and have been in the top spot for four consecutive seasons. How cool is that!?

Robbie who is now 35 years has led the LA Galaxy for 4-consecutive seasons and recorded a career-high 20 goals in just merely 24 appearances. According to the Glaxy captain, Kene also added an additional 8 assists during the MLS Regular season, his .87 goals per 90 minutes has marked the highest in any MLS seasons comparing to any other player that recorded over a thousand minute.

Overall, Robbie has top notched 73 goals, 43 assists in over 108 regular season appearances. On the other hand, he has 9 goals and 6 assists during the playoffs in his 18 appearances!! I would say, Robbie has been the monster in this game and we will see in the upcoming playoffs if there’s someone who can match his skills.

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