The Global Warming Hoax

It was invented by the Chinese so a certain Donald Trump said. Well, 1,230 scientists from all over the world are saying differently.
Well, within the next 80 years, the ice over at the North Pole will be gone, raising sea levels 10 to 12.5 ft. And with that? Ummm! Lower NYC will be gone, Boston as well, there will be no longer the Florida Keys and 30% of Florida, 50% of the south eastern states will be bogged and swamped. In other nations like Italy, Venice will be gone, all of it! Most of the Netherlands as well. Basically 91% of all nations will be effected in one way or another.

Then comes the heat and cold changes. By 2100, places like Chicago will have 110 degree summers and 10 degree 3 month long winters, places like Toronto and Buffalo will be frozen up 4 months of the year, up to -30 degrees in the winter, but at the same time they will face 100 degree 5 month long summers.

Question: Can we save the planet from falling into this shit-storm? According to thousands of scientists the answer would be yes, but we are very close to the point of no return. Efforts have been made in the past 8 years. Here in the US we have lowered pollution drastically, by eliminating coal to produce electricity. I’ll give you an example: The US population is about 4.9% of the worlds population, but 8 years ago, we were 30% of the worlds pollution. Today we have lowered that 30% to 19%.

China and India along with Brazil are 70% of the worlds pollution problem and it seems they have no intentions to make any changes. So are we all screwed? Well not us or maybe not even our children, but who comes after is going to live in a world that wont look even close to what we can see from our office window today!


I can’t wait for some cool weather!

This has been the hottest summer since 1892 and back then I don’t even think that their temp instruments worked that well LOL. I have been around the country and never have I felt so frigging hot!! From Texas to Arizona and Florida among the hottest, but even when I was in Washington state back in June, I was roasting out at the pool.

Not to mention the droughts and wildfires that are the cause of this crazy heat. California because of the heat will lose totally its water supply within 25 years if nothing is done, the rivers and lakes in Arizona will be dry in 15 years and sea levels will be 5 ft. higher in 40 years time WTF!!!

Just because we wont be around gives us no reason not to try and stop this from happening.


Houston partially shut down today after unseen before rain flooding

Houston rainfall Thomas f cheng blog

In some of the they have registered at least 12 inches of rain in the past 48 hours, that is totally insane, specialists say that these are basically the same levels of rain that the tropical rainforests in South America get during this season.

Obviously be sitting there and the governor of Texas are pleading out to citizens to stay at home, or if their homes are flooded had immediately to the designated shelters. Unfortunately like an all big cities losing has already started and the governor is keeping in consideration of bringing in the National Guard best to bring the situation under control, of course the National Guard will assist local authorities not only for security measures but also to bring some relief stranded citizens that should be in the numbers of 10,000 people evacuated already.

I’m pretty happy I’m not lying in this week as in Houston alone hundred and 40 flights were canceled just a day and most probably another 200 tomorrow, throughout the whole state over 1200 flights have been canceled this week.

In other words in Texas it barely does rain but when it does rain it rains!


Tsunami warning in Indonesia


I just read on Facebook that the BBC reports a massive earthquake roughly 150 miles out to sea right off Indonesia, there is a tsunami warning at this time and because the earthquake was 15 miles deep and was a massive 7.8 magnitude, the possibilities of a tsunami are extremely high.

Practically the earthquake was registered even in Australia and in the Horn of Africa, the magnitude of this earthquake is just half a point less than the one that literally flattened Indonesia 12 years ago.

If any of my readers that are in Indonesia at this time, please be safe, please take higher grounds, but most of all let’s hope that the warning at the end is nothing but a warning.


The coldest weather in a decade

polar weather thomas f cheng blog

Being someone that travels a lot, I do get to see a lot of our great nation, during all seasons. I was in NYC just a week ago and “Oh Boy” was it cold! The day after I drove up to Boston and they were in a polar state LOL. Three days later (this past Tuesday) I was in Miami and… Well you can imagine what it was like there!

That’s not the point, what I wanted to say today is that the most coldest weather seen in a decade is about to hit the north east of the United States, they say that places like Boston, NYC, Detroit, Chicago and many other major cities in that part of the country are going to see sub-zero temps.

Even as south as Georgia, it is said that they predict 4 to 6 inches of snow this coming Sunday night and in the Carolina’s the situation could be even worse, with up to 10 inches of snow.

Anyway, while all of this is happening on the east Coast, back over in California we’ll be seeing temperatures in the 80’s while in Ariziona even in the 90’s

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So how are you all coping with the snowstorms and freezing weather?

thomas f cheng blog

Yes I know it can be easy, and I have had my pretty large dose of cold myself, as many know I am always on the go and therefore I have been to the North East this past week and have had a taste of the subzero temperatures in Boston, New York and of course our great capital Washington DC.

Actually it was a miracle that I got out of that weather just before the great snowstorm pushed its way in, basically I be the clock by four hours if that!

I have some pretty good pictures taken while I was in DC, snow had already hit the ground and I will be posting them shortly on social media. Thomas Cheng on Facebook to be more precise.

I have dozens of social media pages from Facebook, to twitter, to Google plus, to YouTube, to linked in, you name it I have it, yes I am a social media platform freak LOL.

To be honest I find it quite relaxing to post and share what I do in my spare time and sometimes even on the job with everybody that follows me and all my friends and family through social media.

Please stay safe everybody that is still in that horrid cold, be careful of icy roads, and next time that I’m in New York City I’ll be posting my location on Facebook and if any of my readers would like to meet up with me for hot coffee I would be delighted to meet you all.