North Korea tests a third missile and yet again it fails

Maybe they should invest more on feeding their starving population rather than investing money in 1950s technology trying to impress the United States, Russia and China with these worthless missile tests that they claim has the capability to carry a 15 kg ton nuclear warhead.

I one of the many that says that the North Korean regime is doing this to get attention and most of all to get those food supplies that it urgently needs as 89% of its population right now is on the verge of starving to death.

What many don’t know is that dictator Kim Jong-un the overfed 33-year-old has a banquet for dinner every evening, while people surrounding him are virtually starving. He is the only one in his country that has a running Internet server, he is the only one in his country that can access the Internet, he is the only one in this country that has a storage pantry full of food and a refrigerator full of cold beer.

Said that, to project, build and launch these flimsy missiles, the United States government claims that it costs North Korea roughly $450,000 per day to keep this project running and has been spending this amount roughly for the past 13 years. $450,000 of rice would be the equivalent to feed 900,000 people a day.

We all thought that his father Kim Jong-il was one that would waste money, if we all remember he had a bowling alley built inside his palace, a movie theater and an ice-skating ring and even a 16 door garage in order for him to park all his vehicles under a roof.

We were wrong apparently his son is spending up to 12 times more than his father up to $80 million a year in luxuries for himself, himself and himself and no one else.


100 days to go before the Olympics in Brazil

I have already made a few bets with some friends here at the office, it’s obvious that the United States will pick up the majority of the metals, I have actually said and placed a few dollars on that that we will actually pick up some of those gold medals that we have never managed to conquer before.

We know that the Italians are remarkable with the sword, and we haven’t come even close in picking up a medal in the past two Olympics, however I think this time around we will pick up the gold and we will be the Italians in the final.

I truly do think that we will have a Michael Phelps successor, I truly believe that we will bring home all swimming medals of course the gold medals.

I made a bet also that we will bring home finally the goal for the 10,000 m marathon and if we’re lucky even for the 25,000 m.

So who do you think will be bringing home a gold medal around their neck? Please feel free to comment either here or on my social media pages and let’s open this discussion…


30 years ago the chernobyl disaster!

I was still in college when the news broke out that an american spy bird in the sky noticed that a Soviet nuclear reactor had exploded and that the incident had happened at least 72 hours before. The Russians didn’t let the west know and contamination had already spread over large areas in Europe. Places like Bulgaria were coated with radioactive winds.

A couple of my followers were talking about it and I joined in with my Thomas F Cheng G+ account. Both of them are in their 50’s and they’re both from Ukraine, so they remember the incident very well and what they had to say was pretty scary.

chernobyl 300 years later thomas f cheng blog

We witnessed the same thing in Japan a few years ago, however they were prompt in informing the west of the incident and a dozen countries stepped in to help and the problem was taken care of right away, the radioactive leak in that case was a 200th of that chernobyl spat out over Europe.

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Pop star Prince suddenly dies at the age of 57

This came quite a shock to me, Prince Rogers Nelson died at his home in Minneapolis today. In till now I am reading on the major networks a lot of speculation however the local sheriff department has opened an investigation to see the causes of death of the world-famous pop singer, producer and actor.

I have been to three of his concerts all of them in the 90s and all of them here in Los Angeles, the man was an incredible musician, and his stage show was totally amazing, after the loss of David Bowie another massive icon leads us at a young age as myself is also in the half-century range.

prince dies at 57

The most incredible thing about this artist was not the fact that he could play a guitar behind his back with his eyes closed, but you could also play many other numerous instruments, such as the saxophone, the piano, the drums and percussion, he was also taking in the past two years violin lessons and his teacher claim that he was extremely talented and was ready to perform even with this other complex musical instrument.

So I guess this evening I will sit down with the family and watch purple rain and of course on the way home from my office I’ll pull out “she’s got the look” album and played at full volume in the memory of an incredible musician.


Houston partially shut down today after unseen before rain flooding

Houston rainfall Thomas f cheng blog

In some of the they have registered at least 12 inches of rain in the past 48 hours, that is totally insane, specialists say that these are basically the same levels of rain that the tropical rainforests in South America get during this season.

Obviously be sitting there and the governor of Texas are pleading out to citizens to stay at home, or if their homes are flooded had immediately to the designated shelters. Unfortunately like an all big cities losing has already started and the governor is keeping in consideration of bringing in the National Guard best to bring the situation under control, of course the National Guard will assist local authorities not only for security measures but also to bring some relief stranded citizens that should be in the numbers of 10,000 people evacuated already.

I’m pretty happy I’m not lying in this week as in Houston alone hundred and 40 flights were canceled just a day and most probably another 200 tomorrow, throughout the whole state over 1200 flights have been canceled this week.

In other words in Texas it barely does rain but when it does rain it rains!


7.4 earthquake just reported in shallow waters out in the sea just off Japan.

While I was taking a coffee break I was watching CNN and just moments ago they said that there was a massive earthquake a few hundred miles off the shore of Japan and there is now a tsunami warning for over 290 miles of coastline. This of course not even 36 hours after the first earthquake that cost the lives of over 150 innocent people.

Obviously my heart is with them at this time and my prayers go out that the tsunami warning will soon called off, even if experts over at CNN right now claim that the possibility of a tsunami is extremely high.

For all my readers and followers from Japan, I know for a fact that you are many, please take every single and minimal precautions to keep yourself and your family safe during these tragic moments that your country and your people are suffering.


So you been enjoying the extra low gas prices?

It’s amazing how the price of oil has dropped to less than what it was worth roughly 9 months ago, even worse if you look back eight years ago and remember that gas prices were actually double than what they are right now. The market of crude oil is a very vicious one, but from what I can see the United States is playing his cards extremely well.

From what I can see on the global market places like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Russia and Kuwait are pumping oil like never before, and from what many geologists and sciences are saying, at least the countries in the Middle East are soon going to see some drastic shortages in crude oil supplies as they may have rained out already 96% of what they had underground when they started drilling those areas back in the late 1930s.

Then who is going to supply the world with oil after this occurs? Well be largest producer of oil of the exception of the Arabs right now is Venezuela and of course the Russian Federation, they are banking in making an absolute fortune after the Arabs right out there Wells.

The United States on the other hand know for a fact that Venezuela is not that kind of a friendly country, and it could turn around and bite the United States at any time, Uncle Sam is also aware that the Russian Federation is not best friends in the pond, and therefore anything could happen and they could shut off the faucet any time.

What very few people know is that the United States of America as enough oil to keep this great nation running for the next 290 years, the United States has more natural gas than all other gas produces combined and along with Canada its resources on call also the largest world has ever seen.

The United States is still in reporting crude oil and natural gas, is keeping all its resources in the case something happens, in the case it becomes isolated, obviously this is looking way ahead, but I totally agree with our country’s policy when it comes down to watching your own back and keeping all the natural resources to yourself for your people!


I hope everybody had a great weekend and happy Monday to you all

I really do hope that you had a great weekend and that it was better than mine, because if it was better than mine, then you had an exceptional Saturday and Sunday.
I was going through all the Monday newspapers here on my desk and yes once again it is a war bulletin.
I was reading about the Paris Brussels attacks and how the Islamic terrorists managed to stay in contact from country to country and organize these attacks, it’s amazing how terrorism can be so organized today.
Then I was reading about the US Embassy in Afghanistan that is warning that there could be multiple attacks on foreign nationalist in Kabul, especially on hotels and business areas of the city, the United States Secretary of State has asked all US citizens to leave the country if their presence is not absolutely necessary.
Tax evasion, Great Britain and the United States are cracking down on and on the banks the British prime minister is already given an executive order on the British VAT tax division to crackdown and confiscate thousands of offshore bank accounts held by British citizens abroad and it seems that Pres. Obama will be doing the same thing within the summer. There is expected billions of dollars to come back in the respective countries above mentioned. Then we have a high ranking US military officer presumably sold nuclear secrets to China, this time he is in custody and it seems that the CIA investigation leads to his impeachment and if so he could also face the death penalty.

And to say the least it has been quite a slow weekend, less than 100 people were killed in the United States, there were no serious terrorist attacks and with that I’m not sure if it was a record or not LOL.

Well, I have blown off some steam posting what I have just read on a dozen nationwide and international newspapers, and now it’s time to get to work, it’s Monday and work starts now!!!


Apparently you can get fired for many things when working for law enforcement…

I was reading the New York daily news this morning while my wife was kindly taking me to work, and of course there is the usual war bulletin John Kerry makes a surprise visit in Iraq, Syrians and ISIS bombing one another, refugees fighting the police in Greece and Turkey, but I stepped on an article that left me quite perplexed.

An Indiana state trooper was fired this week because he has everyone that he had pulled over to give a ticket if they had been saved by Jesus. Based on their response the ticket was given or not, I really didn’t find this funny, because we have somebody out there that is representing the law and based on religious beliefs he’s going to give you a citation or not.

So in my personal opinion I do believe he should be fired and maybe he should take on being a preacher or a pastor, and I’m not saying this in a sarcastic way, I truly mean, I don’t care what religion you are I do respect your religion, and I have made that very clear numerous times in my brief articles and blog posts not only here but also on other resources around the web. But there should be no religious interference when it comes down to traffic violations and enforcement.

That’s the way I think about it, I’m sure there are many of my readers and friends out there believe he should have not been fired and of course I respect your opinion in full. if you want to continue the discussion with me and all my followers, feel free to check out my Thomas F Chang G+ account, request a friendship, and it doesn’t matter what color your skin is what religious beliefs you may have or where ever you are located around the world, everybody is my friend and you will more than welcome to join in the discussion :)


Alaska Air put in a bid to buy Virgin America for $2.6 billion

Alaska Air is thinking in big, one would think that there service is limited to the state of Alaska, there you would be wrong, Alaska air actually does domestic flights leaving also from LAX and other international airports around the West Coast. The reason that it is thinking in the in the fact that it has just purchased Virgin America, now don’t get me wrong Virgin America really doesn’t have such a huge fleet and apparently their slice of the cake regarding domestic flights is only 1.5%, however from what I do understand it came at a very pretty price, considering that Alaska air bought up all the stock therefore is 100% owner now all Virgin America.

From what I understand Alaska air is also looking toward the east coast of the United States, where there seems to be a couple of trouble and deeply in debt air transport companies that could be promptly up for sale and Alaska air would like to get their hands on them as well in order to ask and their domestic flights from coast to coast.

While there are many airways companies that are going broke, while there are many that are cutting their staff, there are others just like Alaska air that are actually hiring, expanding and offering an incredibly good service and a very good price. I don’t know how many of you have flown with them, I have personally say it was a delightful flight from LAX to Portland in Oregon and a few months before I flew from Anchorage Alaska all way to San Diego.

What I noticed during those two flights is that I got to free drinks, I could check in with carry-on luggage without any fee, the headset and the cushions were also free and because first class was full I was bumped up to business, they actually call it a master class at no additional cost, it was a great flights it was like I was lying down on the La-Z-Boy at my lounge at home LOL.

Because of me having a very good trip with this specific company I thought I would like to mention the news of their expansion to all my readers, and if you ever get the chance to be on the Pacific coast and in the need to fly, if you have the choice I do suggest that you go with Alaskan air.