Could Michael Flynn Turn on Trump and the White House Circus?

He is seeking immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying on the Trump campaign’s possible coordination with Russia. So? So, give it too him, have him spill the beans on the Trump Circus! If he wants to remain Trial-Free, then he has a lot of poop to throw at the fan. The FBI should grant this man everything he wants, as long as he comes out and tells the whole story. Let’s see what happened before the elections and how deep did the Russian-Trump Circus connection go and how it really did effect the outcome of this election.

We all know that the Senate controlled by the GOP is not going to grant him anything, they just want him to walk away and be silent, actually “Please be silent!”. So, basically the last straw in all of this is to have the FBI do whatever it takes to make this man bark!

trump flynn in jail

What will happen? Who knows, this congress filled with crooked GOP’ers is nothing new, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep this circus show going and having this man do what they want him to do and then when the poop hits the fan, they’ll simply turn around and blame him for everything.