Hundreds of Migrants Feared to Have Drowned off the coast of Italy

This is terrible! I watched the scene on TV just a few minutes ago, when that fishing boat tipped off the coast of the Lampedusa island in the south waters of Italy. Most of the people on deck survived, but it seems that hundreds were bellow deck and could do nothing once that the shipped flipped over.

There has to be some sort of prevention where the African governments should stop these immigrants from crossing the Mediterranean sea as a third of the ships/boats never make the trip, hundreds drown every month. Only last year around 2,300 immigrants lost their lives in this stretch of water.

I understand that they’re looking for a better life, that they want to come to Europe to get away from wars and hunger, but 5% of them die in the waters and the remaining 95% get sent back home now anyways.

If you try and put yourself in their shoes you’ll understand that for them its worth the risk, when you have nothing in your life and nothing to lose then you’ll try anything and take any risk to make your life better.

Lets hope that these scenes that I just watched on TV will never happen again!