ISIS take a huge blow when leaving Falluja (Iraq) last night. Hundreds of militants killed by airstrikes.

It is not totally clear how effective the airstrike was, US and British aircraft and drones slammed a convoy of at least 120 vehicles, while ground artillery also was involved by Iraqi security forces. I heard just moments ago that CNN claimed over 100 dead while BBC International says the ISIS fighters killed in this attack could be up to 800.

isis bombed

The only certain news is that the ISIS terrorists/fighters are leaving the city of Falluja disorganized and in complete panic mode. However considering that ISIS is a group of at least 50,000 militants I would say that the attack was significant, but the allies have a very long way to go if they want to wipe out the terrorist group.

Not only does ISIS have the numbers in manpower, but they have the funding and the equipment to keep on fighting for months even years.


Sir Richard Branson calls out for a BritExit re-vote as soon as possible

richard branson re-vote

Sir Richard Branson CEO and founder of Virgin Group, is asking the British government to take into serious consideration a re-vote. Branson claims that voters did not have enough information regarding the consequences of leaving the European Union and now that Britain’s Have a taste of what it will look like my leaving the European union a result to say or exit as soon as possible would be the absolute right thing to do.

In the meanwhile close to 3 million people (like that I looked) have signed a petition requesting the British government for a re-vote, not many specialists in that specific area claimed that “STAY” most probably pick up more than 70% of voters choice.

However, I do not know that well the British constitution and therefore I’m not even sure if something like that would be 100% legal. Is the British in their vast majority as it seems are with Richard Branson and would like to reconsider their vote and have the option of a second referendum, then that in my personal opinion would be very democratic because it is giving the people second chance to choose, it is giving the people possibility to change their mind after what they have seen this week with British stock basically clashing along with the British pound and exports tumbling down already.

Let’s see how it goes, but as many specialists and politicians claim this will be very unlikely to happen.


Brexit: the doors of hell have just opened for the United Kingdom

As many of you already are aware of, yesterday evening the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union, obviously the British pound crumbled, it is still falling and will fall most probably for the next weeks to come, marketing specialists claim that it could go as far as $.50 per British pound, considering that yesterday evening before the exit polls and predictions were given the British pound was worth $1.50.

As the Great Britain is not a producer of crude oil and imports roughly 89% of it, the price of gasoline should go up, 55% to a stunning 75% within the next six months, importations also will stop, really anybody will have the possibility to import anything with the pound being so weak and of course because companies will be moving out in the months to come when we will see hundreds of thousands of British losing jobs before 2017 and most probably in the 12 months of 2017 roughly 7,000,000 British already lost a job putting the country and the biggest depression they have ever witnessed since the times of World War II.

This is not my personal opinion, this is the opinion of dozens of worldwide specialist warned the United Kingdom of the grave mistake that they would make if they left suddenly the European Union, it is not a soccer club where you can simply walk out and join another club.

The main responsible on this soon to come nationwide disaster are obviously the politicians that pushed to exit the European Union, those politicians in my personal opinion and the opinion of hundreds of other marketing specialists claim that they are totally unaware of what they have done, and will only realize the damage that they have caused in the next days and weeks to come.

According to the British constitution, a referendum to repair the damage would be basically impossible, you would need roughly 15 million verified signatures, would take roughly 9 months and by then the European Community would have done anything a hand in its power to have eliminated Great Britain from the European Union, blocking off all benefits and basically isolating the country from the rest of the European Community.

Then comes the problem of land that are working abroad in the community, they will now need visas, they will now need to head back home to obtain those visas, if they remain more than three months in their working position abroad they will then be considered illegal aliens and could face deportation.

Your health benefits of role will be none, you will be charged any hospital or doctor bills, you will need a specific permit to drive in the European Community and therefore truck drivers from the United Kingdom now will have to have a European drivers license and not simply their own drivers license issued by the United Kingdom.

You will no longer have three lines in the European Community, you will have a period of three ways to say and then after that you have to lead or find some old get you another three months permit to stay in the union.

However this is only the tip of the iceberg that 52% of British that both the exit I’m ready to back that at least 90% of them have already realized the devastating damage they are courses that country, to that bank accounts and to the future and therefore to their children.

I hate to sound drastic when giving also my opinion, but this unfortunately is most probably the biggest mistake the United Kingdom has ever made in its history and will pay dearly for this mistake.


USA – Argentina, we just got slapped in the face by Messi and Co.

I have to admit, that I was actually waiting for a better performance from team USA, they virtually never got a hand on that game at all, Argentina was all over us and I think that we have to access the defeat Stacy also that we literally got hammered by most probably the best national soccer team that there is in the world today.

At least we did not end up like Mexico that lost 7-0 to Chile the evening before, I still asking myself how that could have ever happened considering that Chile was the favorites but not by far and I personally thought that Mexico could Home the victory and made the final that’s going to happen this Saturday evening.

So the final will be Argentina Chile, it’s going to be Messi vs Vidal, The say that Argentina should easily when, but once again I think that the less favorite do have a very good shot at it. I guess Monday morning we can come back and talk about this final of the Copa America and see if I was right or not.


I have gotten into Pinterest as well now.

Whoever follows me knows for a fact that I am extremely active on social media especially when it comes down to Facebook and twitter, however I have a YouTube channel, a Google plus accounts, I’m getting into Tumblr as well even if I’m still getting my feet wet with it and of course Instagram is also very catchy, one that I opened just a few days ago in the Thomas F Cheng Pinterest account and I really haven’t posted anything yet that I could consider a great interest, however I’m getting a hand on how it works and I noticed that it is incredibly easy to pin whatever you want by using anything that has an Internet connection, I have all my social media applications on my iPad/iPhone and of course my android mobile devices, but I’m more of a traditional person because I do like the post things on social media directly from my computer.

pinterest thomas f cheng

Apparently I was one of the few Americans that still didn’t have a Pinterest social media account, apparently two out of three Americans have an account, now I don’t actually know the numbers on how many of those Americans are actually active users, but were talking about hundreds of millions of accounts in the United States alone and roughly 950,000,000 worldwide.

They have actually overtaken twitter, but are still way behind Instagram and it big sister Facebook.

Everybody that followed me knows for a fact that I do love numbers, I love to see what they, what is trending, what is going downhill, I always keep an eye on statistics, why many call me a successful online managing marketer LOL.


A two-year-old toddler posted by alligator at the Disney resort.

A terrible tragedy for the family of this small child, however didn’t claim that they are not responsible, so let me get straight to the point here:
you open a hotel and right next to this hotel is a massive pond, there are signs all around the pond claiming you cannot swim in it, however there are no signs claiming that there are alligators living in that pond.

An alligator comes out on the water snatches a little child and takes him back inside the pond. Who is responsible for this?

Let me say that any other place in the world right now that resort would have been closed down and most probably arrests would have already been made. But because Disney owns the state of Florida, nothing will happen, nobody will be punished for this negligence and most probably even a civil lawsuit will end up with pennies on the dollar because there is no judge in the state of Florida that has the courage to go against the Disney, as I already said basically owns the state of Florida.

In my personal opinion the director of the hotel should have been immediately arrested, because there is no way that he could Not know that the pond was infested with alligators, he had not posted around the area that there was the presence of alligators, there was no fence or any other barrier to prevent a possible attack on human beings or domestic animals.

Basically that anywhere else in the world would have occurred immediately and most probably the director of the hotel would still be in prison until trial.

In the meanwhile the body of the child has been recovered and from what we understand the alligator responsible for this attack was put down.

I will keep you updated on this as I have taken it to heart as I believe that Disney should not get away with this and should be sued back to the Stone Age and they are the only responsible for this terrible tragedy and they should pay dearly.


Needless to say that the headlines are about the terror attack on the night club in Orlando

I find it even hard to talk about this, but it is a reality and it happened again on US soil. First of all, as I have already posted on all the Thomas F Cheng social media pages: My heart and thoughts go out to all the victims, the families and all their friends. I can just imagine how terrible it must be for you all in this moment.

Well, this person, this assassin, this terrorist is called Omar Mateen, a US citizen with Afghan parents. It seems that he was however interviewed twice by the FBI first in early 2013 then later on in mid 2014, thus regarding some extremist remarks made by Mateen to a colleague. The FBI closed the investigation claiming that Mateen was not considered dangerous or a threat to national security.

Manteen legally purchased several firearms before the attack on the night club in Orlando, An AR 15 with over 500 rounds and a series of semi-automatic handguns. Being a US citizen and having a clean criminal record Mateen obtained the weapons that same day, this also due to the fact that he has a Florida concealed weapons permit.

terrorist assassin Omar Mateen

Only in the next days will we understand if this assassin had any close ties with ISIS, the FBI and other federal agencies are already looking into his cellphone, laptop and home computer to see what they can come up with and to connect the dots…

Has Mateen any contacts in the US, are there others like him ready to act? I really hope that the investigation can find that out and if there are others like him, that they get them in time and take them off the street!

I’m following close this situation and we will be talking about it a lot in the next days.



Copa América is on and Euro 2016 starts today!

So how many of you have been watching the copa America, considering that the final stages of being held here in the United States I would presume that the following would be, but unfortunately the numbers are not as good as everybody thought they would be, there has been a large increase in the following soccer past five years here in the US, however this event really didn’t bring the numbers that were expected.

Yesterday in Philadelphia during Uruguay and Venezuela the cameras would shoot on the crowd only to show massive empty spaces, basically so far 35% of the tickets have been sold due to enormously high prices and the facilities are mostly college football stadiums and therefore there is no shade, there are no adequate facilities, nothing like USA 90 where the standards and upgrades had to fit FIFA requirements and in my case it was a great success because the investment was massive and if they wanted the World Cup here in the United States they have to provide everything that they did not provide this time around.


The most amusing thing and from what I understand has never occurred before in the history of worldwide software is that two major events will overlap one another starting from today, it is a matter of fact that Euro 2016 will kick off today at noon Pacific starting obviously with the home team France playing Romania.

So if you are a soccer fan and I know there are millions just like me here in the United States, tomorrow Saturday will be something absolutely exceptional taking into consideration that there will be two Copa America games and free to be held in France for Euro 2016 and believe it or not there will be no overlapping and therefore if you want to watch each and every individual game live, you actually can!

euro 2016

So let’s pull some stats here and let’s see how many people in the United States have been watching the continental event, unfortunately the numbers on very low and less than 13 million Tuned in on average every game, that is less than 5% of the population.

Now, let’s turn to Brazil that has basically the same number when it comes down to general population, over there the average viewer per game is 61 million.

Okay, now let’s go over to your and the predictions of today’s inauguration game to be seen by roughly 6,000,000 Americans, while in Europe the UEFA organization claimed the game will be seen by 87 million Europeans.

I love statistics as you can see LOL!


A court in the UK sentences a pedophile to life in prison “22 times!”

A court in Great Britain has just sentenced a former middle school teacher to 22 life sentences for extreme child abuse after using his position teaching English in Malaysia to gain access to all of his victims.

The Judge Sir. Peter Rook sentenced freelance photographer Richard Huckle (age 30) to serve a minimum of 25 years for 71 offenses against children aged between six months and 12 years from 2006 all the way through to 2014.

Huckle was arrested back in 2014 where investigators found 20,000 indecent images on his computer, over a thousand of them showed him abusing children in his custody. Huckle also created and posted on the web a 60-page “how to” guide for other pedophiles seeking to evade getting busted by authorities that could be looking into them.