Needless to say that the headlines are about the terror attack on the night club in Orlando

I find it even hard to talk about this, but it is a reality and it happened again on US soil. First of all, as I have already posted on all the Thomas F Cheng social media pages: My heart and thoughts go out to all the victims, the families and all their friends. I can just imagine how terrible it must be for you all in this moment.

Well, this person, this assassin, this terrorist is called Omar Mateen, a US citizen with Afghan parents. It seems that he was however interviewed twice by the FBI first in early 2013 then later on in mid 2014, thus regarding some extremist remarks made by Mateen to a colleague. The FBI closed the investigation claiming that Mateen was not considered dangerous or a threat to national security.

Manteen legally purchased several firearms before the attack on the night club in Orlando, An AR 15 with over 500 rounds and a series of semi-automatic handguns. Being a US citizen and having a clean criminal record Mateen obtained the weapons that same day, this also due to the fact that he has a Florida concealed weapons permit.

terrorist assassin Omar Mateen

Only in the next days will we understand if this assassin had any close ties with ISIS, the FBI and other federal agencies are already looking into his cellphone, laptop and home computer to see what they can come up with and to connect the dots…

Has Mateen any contacts in the US, are there others like him ready to act? I really hope that the investigation can find that out and if there are others like him, that they get them in time and take them off the street!

I’m following close this situation and we will be talking about it a lot in the next days.