A two-year-old toddler posted by alligator at the Disney resort.

A terrible tragedy for the family of this small child, however didn’t claim that they are not responsible, so let me get straight to the point here:
you open a hotel and right next to this hotel is a massive pond, there are signs all around the pond claiming you cannot swim in it, however there are no signs claiming that there are alligators living in that pond.

An alligator comes out on the water snatches a little child and takes him back inside the pond. Who is responsible for this?

Let me say that any other place in the world right now that resort would have been closed down and most probably arrests would have already been made. But because Disney owns the state of Florida, nothing will happen, nobody will be punished for this negligence and most probably even a civil lawsuit will end up with pennies on the dollar because there is no judge in the state of Florida that has the courage to go against the Disney, as I already said basically owns the state of Florida.

In my personal opinion the director of the hotel should have been immediately arrested, because there is no way that he could Not know that the pond was infested with alligators, he had not posted around the area that there was the presence of alligators, there was no fence or any other barrier to prevent a possible attack on human beings or domestic animals.

Basically that anywhere else in the world would have occurred immediately and most probably the director of the hotel would still be in prison until trial.

In the meanwhile the body of the child has been recovered and from what we understand the alligator responsible for this attack was put down.

I will keep you updated on this as I have taken it to heart as I believe that Disney should not get away with this and should be sued back to the Stone Age and they are the only responsible for this terrible tragedy and they should pay dearly.