I hope everybody had a great weekend and happy Monday to you all

I really do hope that you had a great weekend and that it was better than mine, because if it was better than mine, then you had an exceptional Saturday and Sunday.
I was going through all the Monday newspapers here on my desk and yes once again it is a war bulletin.
I was reading about the Paris Brussels attacks and how the Islamic terrorists managed to stay in contact from country to country and organize these attacks, it’s amazing how terrorism can be so organized today.
Then I was reading about the US Embassy in Afghanistan that is warning that there could be multiple attacks on foreign nationalist in Kabul, especially on hotels and business areas of the city, the United States Secretary of State has asked all US citizens to leave the country if their presence is not absolutely necessary.
Tax evasion, Great Britain and the United States are cracking down on and on the banks the British prime minister is already given an executive order on the British VAT tax division to crackdown and confiscate thousands of offshore bank accounts held by British citizens abroad and it seems that Pres. Obama will be doing the same thing within the summer. There is expected billions of dollars to come back in the respective countries above mentioned. Then we have a high ranking US military officer presumably sold nuclear secrets to China, this time he is in custody and it seems that the CIA investigation leads to his impeachment and if so he could also face the death penalty.

And to say the least it has been quite a slow weekend, less than 100 people were killed in the United States, there were no serious terrorist attacks and with that I’m not sure if it was a record or not LOL.

Well, I have blown off some steam posting what I have just read on a dozen nationwide and international newspapers, and now it’s time to get to work, it’s Monday and work starts now!!!


Hounsell Family

My sympathy goes to the Hounsell Family in Lake Tahoe. What a tragic event! I hope donations will pour to the orphaned kids



Just read a Forbes article that the top You Tubers make a combined income of $54 million a year! Simply remarkable! The top one is a gamer who makes $12 million a year! Just incredible!


Going On Fishing!!

Yellowtail and yellowfin are invading the Southern California waters as el NiƱo conditions bring up warm currents from Mexico! The bite is “WIDE OPEN” 30-60 miles offshore and even cattleboats are coming back with near limits! Going to get in on this hot action this week!!!!


De-Stressing Mode!

I saw the 47th Annual Watercolor West International Juried Exhibition happening on Oct 27, then I realized life is not about work but having a fun time, a quality time with my fam. I think I should bring my kids to enjoy the event. How cool is that to try a different de-stressing mode?


Hot Weather, it is!!

102 degrees here in Brea today!!! What a scorcher it was. Glad I was in an air conditioned office most of the day. This is usual October weather. Can’t wait for cooler weather to kick in! And maybe some much needed rain!