Has anyone seen the new Maserati Levante SUV?


It should be out already I saw one driving down Sunset Boulevard yesterday afternoon, I know it was a Maserati because of the distinguished logo it has on the grill. so I visited their official US website and they claim that it has to be put on the market, so what did I see? I know for fact it was a Maserati.

So is some big VIP already got his hands on the most luxurious SUV that the world has ever seen? Or was it a company test drive, just to drive around millionaire row showing off their new product. I know that McLaren and Ferrari are very popular for doing so therefore I think that Maserati is taking the same strategy and taking orders even before the vehicle is placed on the market.


Move Over, Tesla

It looks like Tesla will face its biggest threat in the car industry soon! There’s been quite a bit of speculation on who this new player is and just how serious they are. The question is, will the new rival be able to be up to par with Tesla? ¬†Will it exceed everyone’s expectations to the upside and give Tesla a run for its money? The Faraday rumor has been circulating around the internet and media world for quite a while now and it seems FF announcement will break anytime soon!? Maybe they will look to an IPO for future capital funding? FF already has hired hundreds of employees in Nevada and will be committing over 1 Billion to this new venture. It could be at least two to three years before we see anything substantial but this is definitely something worth keeping an eye on.