How about that Oscars screwup?

Apparently the guy that was distributing the envelopes, was also heavily tweeting at the same time. Apparently, before the show he was told by the organizes to stop tweeting, To put down his mobile device and concentrate on the distribution of the envelope, however, he On tweeting, then you wonder why this actually occurred.

So here we go again, the best picture is a movie that will never become a classic, is a movie that at the box office really didn’t make a lot of money, is a movie that will be forgotten within the next year.

So who is behind the Oscars? Why are they always picking movies that will never be on the shelf in DVD in someone’s home? The impression we need to make a radical change in the Oscars, and as Donald Trump would say, lately the Oscars have been extremely overrated.

The choice of picking the wrong films, for the best films in the past 15 years is what is making the organizes and Hollywood in general look very bad. I can say that the last extremely successful movie that won the picture was Forrest Gump. I give you a good example the Oscars of 1990 everybody knew that Mississippi burning was going to win in a landslide, yet it didn’t but the best picture award went to a movie that nobody even remembers anymore.

I just saying and I could be wrong, maybe I’m exaggerating and the Oscars are actually not going downhill year after year.