What is wrong with this country?

Can we fix this? Can we just take to sea all the criminal maniacs and toss them in a heard of sharks? America is better than this!
What on this earth brought a man to bring into a hotel room and plan to do something so horrific? Why?
Someone that is said to be, by his own brother, a normal person, someone that gave no signs of weaknesses.
59 dead and over 700 injured WTF!

We’re not letting Iranians and people from Chad in the country because considered terrorists, when in the past 16 years all terrorist acts in this country have been committed by US citizens!!
Could it be the guns? Ummm yeah! Can we regulate it? Umm No! Because the NRA have every Republican house member and Senator in their pocket!

Change is needed, a little at the time and that seems what the Democratic party is trying to do at the Senate this week. To ban certain rifle stocks, one would say that it wont change much, but it will be at least something, at least a start on trying to prevent shit like this every happening again on US soil!!


Donald trumps 10-year-old son knows more about the hacking than the CIA do…

According to President-elect Donald Trump, his 10-year-old son discovered who hacked into federal databases and the Northeast electrical company, this would be the last of many LOL’s on behalf on Donald Trump.

He said that on Tuesday and therefore tomorrow or at the very latest Wednesday he will reveal who was behind the hacking, I guess he needs an additional briefing with a yesterday teenager son LOL.

The possibility that the United States federal government was by Russia are basically none at all…
The possibility that it was the CIA that the CIA is a possibility according to Donald Trump…
The possibility that it was the DNC that actually have themselves according obviously to Donald Trump is the most plausible response that will get more from the president elect.

Now, my next question would be: Are we going to get this 10-year-old intelligence piece of work from a news conference or is the President-elect Donald Trump going to tweet to us?

That’s a pretty good question, let’s wait and see, the only thing that is guaranteed that we are all going to laugh, unless you are a hard-core Donald Trump supporter!


A new news resource that I found earlier on yesterday when searching for news on Google

For the many to follow me either on my blog or social media, know for a fact that I am very skeptical when it comes down to choosing and actually believing the different media websites that can be found today on the world of the Internet, however I did bump into a website yesterday called Real News And instead of just passing through I actually spent three hours on their website reading a large quantity on the articles, maybe believe that this is truly an alternative news website that can be trusted, as everything that they had mentioned in the article actually turned out to be true.

real news 24

Basically that’s why I posted the contextual link in this blog post that will take you directly to their website, and I would appreciate if you would take your time in visiting the website as well, maybe coming back and posting here on my blog letting me know your thoughts, tell me what you think of it, I want to know if you think the same way I do about this specific news and media website.


Unemployment is down to 4.9% the lowest it has ever been for 22 years

The report “was not a shocker, but it was definitely on the strong side, The unemployment rate, derived from a separate survey of American households, ticked down to 4.9% last month from 5% in September. A highlight from Friday’s report: Average hourly earnings for private-sector workers rose 2.8% in October compared with a year earlier, the strongest annual wage growth since June 2009. Revisions added a total of 44,000 jobs to earlier payroll estimates for August and September. Hiring over the past three months averaged 176,000 a month. The overall pace of job creation has slowed in 2016, averaging 181,000 a month through October versus 229,000 for all of 2015.

Wages continued to rise as the labor market tightened and employers competed to hire and retain workers. Average hourly earnings for private-sector workers rose 10 cents from September, or 0.4%, to $25.92 in October. Economists had expected a 0.3% increase on the month.


ISIS take a huge blow when leaving Falluja (Iraq) last night. Hundreds of militants killed by airstrikes.

It is not totally clear how effective the airstrike was, US and British aircraft and drones slammed a convoy of at least 120 vehicles, while ground artillery also was involved by Iraqi security forces. I heard just moments ago that CNN claimed over 100 dead while BBC International says the ISIS fighters killed in this attack could be up to 800.

isis bombed

The only certain news is that the ISIS terrorists/fighters are leaving the city of Falluja disorganized and in complete panic mode. However considering that ISIS is a group of at least 50,000 militants I would say that the attack was significant, but the allies have a very long way to go if they want to wipe out the terrorist group.

Not only does ISIS have the numbers in manpower, but they have the funding and the equipment to keep on fighting for months even years.


A two-year-old toddler posted by alligator at the Disney resort.

A terrible tragedy for the family of this small child, however didn’t claim that they are not responsible, so let me get straight to the point here:
you open a hotel and right next to this hotel is a massive pond, there are signs all around the pond claiming you cannot swim in it, however there are no signs claiming that there are alligators living in that pond.

An alligator comes out on the water snatches a little child and takes him back inside the pond. Who is responsible for this?

Let me say that any other place in the world right now that resort would have been closed down and most probably arrests would have already been made. But because Disney owns the state of Florida, nothing will happen, nobody will be punished for this negligence and most probably even a civil lawsuit will end up with pennies on the dollar because there is no judge in the state of Florida that has the courage to go against the Disney, as I already said basically owns the state of Florida.

In my personal opinion the director of the hotel should have been immediately arrested, because there is no way that he could Not know that the pond was infested with alligators, he had not posted around the area that there was the presence of alligators, there was no fence or any other barrier to prevent a possible attack on human beings or domestic animals.

Basically that anywhere else in the world would have occurred immediately and most probably the director of the hotel would still be in prison until trial.

In the meanwhile the body of the child has been recovered and from what we understand the alligator responsible for this attack was put down.

I will keep you updated on this as I have taken it to heart as I believe that Disney should not get away with this and should be sued back to the Stone Age and they are the only responsible for this terrible tragedy and they should pay dearly.


Needless to say that the headlines are about the terror attack on the night club in Orlando

I find it even hard to talk about this, but it is a reality and it happened again on US soil. First of all, as I have already posted on all the Thomas F Cheng social media pages: My heart and thoughts go out to all the victims, the families and all their friends. I can just imagine how terrible it must be for you all in this moment.

Well, this person, this assassin, this terrorist is called Omar Mateen, a US citizen with Afghan parents. It seems that he was however interviewed twice by the FBI first in early 2013 then later on in mid 2014, thus regarding some extremist remarks made by Mateen to a colleague. The FBI closed the investigation claiming that Mateen was not considered dangerous or a threat to national security.

Manteen legally purchased several firearms before the attack on the night club in Orlando, An AR 15 with over 500 rounds and a series of semi-automatic handguns. Being a US citizen and having a clean criminal record Mateen obtained the weapons that same day, this also due to the fact that he has a Florida concealed weapons permit.

terrorist assassin Omar Mateen

Only in the next days will we understand if this assassin had any close ties with ISIS, the FBI and other federal agencies are already looking into his cellphone, laptop and home computer to see what they can come up with and to connect the dots…

Has Mateen any contacts in the US, are there others like him ready to act? I really hope that the investigation can find that out and if there are others like him, that they get them in time and take them off the street!

I’m following close this situation and we will be talking about it a lot in the next days.



A court in the UK sentences a pedophile to life in prison “22 times!”

A court in Great Britain has just sentenced a former middle school teacher to 22 life sentences for extreme child abuse after using his position teaching English in Malaysia to gain access to all of his victims.

The Judge Sir. Peter Rook sentenced freelance photographer Richard Huckle (age 30) to serve a minimum of 25 years for 71 offenses against children aged between six months and 12 years from 2006 all the way through to 2014.

Huckle was arrested back in 2014 where investigators found 20,000 indecent images on his computer, over a thousand of them showed him abusing children in his custody. Huckle also created and posted on the web a 60-page “how to” guide for other pedophiles seeking to evade getting busted by authorities that could be looking into them.


So what brought down Egypt air flight 804?

In the past three days there has been a massive amount of speculation regarding this tragedy. First of all my thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families and friends that are suffering in this moment. I can only imagine how much grief they are going through right now.

I have personally had the opportunity to talk to a commercial airline pilot yesterday evening and we obviously discussed this latest tragedy and he actually came to the conclusion that without the black boxes there is really not that much that we can say, with the information gathered so far, the airline captain confirmed that there must have been some sort of explosion on board, because an aircraft cannot decrease its height is rapidly unless it puts itself into a deep dive or if it has lost extreme pressure either in the pilot Cabin or the fuselage itself.

Egypt air flight 804

From what we understand the United States has sent two submarines in the search the black boxes and if found will hand them over and to the Egyptian authorities and have given their full cooperation in the case that the Egyptian government may need it.

The next question would be: If it wants a terrorist attack, if it was some sort of explosive device on board, somebody has to explain to me how on earth did it get on board the aircraft at de Gaulle airport in Paris, the claim that they have the tightest security in any airports around the world. However, this aircraft was traveling from Egypt to Paris and then from Paris back to Cairo, so some experts say that somebody could have planted the explosive device with a timer in Egypt with security is extremely low, where basically anyone can get on board with anything.

I will be flying from Los Angeles to London tomorrow and of course after the latest facts I really do not have peace of mind knowing that I am flying in an aircraft for 16 hours.


George Zimmerman is auctioning off the gun that was used to kill Trayvon Martin

I found out about this news on Facebook, I was going through the latest news and noticed that CBS has posted an article regarding the fact that this gun was going up for auction. I commented claiming that even if it may seem immorally wrong too many of us that Zimmerman would actually auction off the weapon used to take the life of Martin, he was not however breaking any federal or state laws by doing so.

To be honest I wish I never even commented as such, as I was verbally beat up by many people that thought that my words were to backup Zimmerman in his actions, however mine was just a comment that constitutionally he is not breaking any law by doing so, therefore I opened the discussion also on my official Thomas F. Cheng Facebook page and there comments were a lot more pain I was definitely not run around the page and insulted like I was earlier on before on the official CVS Facebook page.

Trayvon Martin

I always like bringing up touchy situation, because I want to see the opinion of every American regarding the matters, but at the same time I always appreciate if everybody will respond in an orderly fashion in a respectful way and I would also like them to read and comprehend the word before attacking somebody.

I myself have never fought into this case unless and the opinion of others, I was not there I don’t know what happens and to be honest I really wouldn’t like to be there and, all I said once and I repeat that Zimmerman simply by auctioning off this weapon is not breaking any laws.