What is wrong with this country?

Can we fix this? Can we just take to sea all the criminal maniacs and toss them in a heard of sharks? America is better than this!
What on this earth brought a man to bring into a hotel room and plan to do something so horrific? Why?
Someone that is said to be, by his own brother, a normal person, someone that gave no signs of weaknesses.
59 dead and over 700 injured WTF!

We’re not letting Iranians and people from Chad in the country because considered terrorists, when in the past 16 years all terrorist acts in this country have been committed by US citizens!!
Could it be the guns? Ummm yeah! Can we regulate it? Umm No! Because the NRA have every Republican house member and Senator in their pocket!

Change is needed, a little at the time and that seems what the Democratic party is trying to do at the Senate this week. To ban certain rifle stocks, one would say that it wont change much, but it will be at least something, at least a start on trying to prevent shit like this every happening again on US soil!!