What do you make of the new email investigation?

Well, doesn’t it seem a little awkward that a new investigation occurs a week before the general election? Did the FBI director (a registered Republican voter) do this on purpose? According to politicians and not only Democrats it was inappropriate but he may have also broken the law. Yikes!!!

So, basically what we is that they have found some emails (we have not been told how many) that are on a laptop, that very laptop was seized and used in an investigation that has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and her emails. For all we know they could be cooking recipes, for all we know they could be chitchat, roll we know they could be exchanging porn links LOL.

So basically this is what happened: The FBI director send a letter to Congress, Stating that they have reopened the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton emails, however this time they have no proof at all that any of the emails are considered classified, they have no proof at all if they came from Clinton’s private server or from a server that is secured at the Pentagon. According to CNN, the FBI will have to investigate into the emails only once but they have the approval from a federal judge that could take up to two weeks, then they will have to look into the emails and if these emails are in the thousands it could take a couple of months.

So, without pointing my finger at anyone, without backing anyone, I can sincerely say that this may have occurred on purpose to disable the elections and if that is the case and if that can be proved, then it is a shame that the federal government can do such things and most probably would get away with it.

I personally believe that this is not going to make any difference in the general elections, in places like California and Florida 65% of Hillary Clinton voters have already casting their ballots, and from what it seems early voting in the nation is already at a top 27.6%, that’s 21 points more than four years ago. NBC claims that 80% of the early voters or Democrats.

I myself don’t believe the general election polls, I’ll give you a perfect example: 80% of Donald Trump supporters have a banner in their front yard, one out of 10 homes here in California have a Donald Trump banner in their front yard. In Texas three out of 10 homes and a Donald Trump banner on their property, in Alabama five out of 10 homes have something representing Donald Trump that can be seen from the street. Now do the math!

Those of the statistics that I’m looking at right now is a very curious statistic is that only one out of 49 households that vote Democratic actually do have Hillary Clinton propaganda visible from the street. These the numbers that were issued by the BBC that happens to be the most reliable news source worldwide and has been for the past 80 years.

There are many factors that actually show that this will be a horrific landslide for Donald Trump, however I am one of those that believes that Donald Trump has millions and millions of supporters worldwide and not only in the United States, in the ex-Soviet union Donald Trump is more popular in some areas than Putin himself LOL.

But being popular abroad like in Russia, Turkey, Palestine and Italy does not bring votes to the ballot here in the United States. I am going to predict that it will not be a landslide, however I truly believe that Hillary Clinton will get roughly 8 to 12 percentage points In the popular vote, and most probably around 340 editorial votes.

So, as I can see and I am sharing with my readers right now, this new email investigation will barely touch the results in this general election, if it does it will be at the very most one or two points that will go against Hillary Clinton, but as experts say what ever Clinton loses will most probably drop in the pocket of the independent or the Green voters.

I would love to carry on talking about this as there are hundreds of other different points and statistics that I’m sure that everyone Republican and Democrat alike would find extremely important and interesting, but I truly do think that you should decide you’re going to vote for, I have already voted, I am happy with who I voted for, I seriously doubt that I will regret who I voted for and that is what everybody has to do and feel before they actually vote.

One suggestion I can give my readers and that is to vote early, I voted on October 24 during lunchtime and therefore I thought the polls were going to be packed, my prediction in that case was absolutely wrong, I was in and out within 10 minutes, there are dozens of staff members observers and the security personnel, so don’t wait for November 8, you’ll be hours and hours on end in line and we all know what happened there, some of you won’t even wait, some of you will actually leave, some of you won’t cast your vote and if that is the case then do not complain if the other person different from who you wanted to vote for actually wins.


Russia: Vote for Donald Trump or face nuclear war.

That is the word from the Kremlin, apparently one of Putin’s closest allies that is also a member of the lower parliament, stated on Russian television, that the Americans should think twice before voting for Hillary Clinton, because if she is elected, most likely it will bring to World War III and the United States will face a nuclear war with a devastating outcome.

That’s who we are dealing with LOL. A joke!

So let’s put the basket and the apples to work:
The Russians claim that they have new technology and undetectable missiles, they would strike first and the United States would not even know that they were attacked until it was too late. They claim that they have undetectable submarines that would launch hundreds of missiles on the continental USA from an extremely short range, they claim that NATO in Europe would be wiped out with a matter of minutes and the allies of the United States from around the world would be taken out within the hour.

Accordingly to Pentagon reports the latest and most Marlin submarines built in the Russian Federation are 18 years old, they have from 20 to 25 intercontinental nuclear submarines against the 296 the United States, the ex-Soviet Union has 97 warships, 80% of them were built in the 80s. The United States in the past 20 years have been working on anti-missile programs, they all top secret, we all know they have been tested, we are far away from the patriot missile batteries, with talking about something a lot more sophisticated, missiles that can reach 4 1/2 times the speed of sound and therefore free faster than the Russian ballistic missile and therefore, from what we understand the Russians know about this but they pretend they don’t know anything about it. They know for a fact that all men missiles shot on continental USA will be shot down way before they reach out on the ex-Soviet Union, they know for a fact that they do not have undetectable missiles but the United States does.

Let’s talk about the Russian Federation Air Force, then most modern aircraft is Mig 35 and is a remarkable aircraft, however that pilots go through a very basic training, that specific aircraft is not stealthy and they only have 92 of them. Wow, that’s truly impressive!! They also have a bunch of aircraft made in the early 90s such as the SU27 and the Mig 31, these aircraft however have never been updated therefore have the same basic technology as an F4 Phantom or the F-14 tomcat both have been retired here in the United States for several years.

The United States on the other hand has 450 F 22 raptors, 90 F35’s these are totally undetectable aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons, capable of striking anything at incredible distances remaining undetected. Other attacks and defenses aircraft in the inventory of the Marines, Navy, Air Force and the Army, the number is around 4200, basically 5 to 1 ratio with the ex-Soviet Union.

The bombers, it seems that Russia has enormous disadvantage here as well. The ex-Soviet Union has never come up with an effective Aircraft or at least a long-range bomber Since the late 1970s, while the other hand the United States has roughly 112 B1 bombers and 55 B2 stealth bombers.

So maybe before threatening, I would suggest that the Soviet Union takes into serious consideration how outnumbered they are, and with an economy that is slightly better than the Spanish economy and therefore 16 times less than the US industry, as you can see these words were totally out of place and yes they are a laughingstock.


I voted early! And guess who I voted for?

I’m not going to tell you! LOL! No, I’m serious I’m not going to tell anyone what voted for!
What I can say is that the polling stations were extremely busy already at 9 o’clock this morning, and because I lost my car keys I was there until 10.45 when an old man brought them back claiming he had took them off the desk where I had just voted thinking they were his. But what you get the voting early LOL!

In the state of California but especially in the state of Florida it seems that 15% in the first two days have already voted, that is an astonishing number compared to past elections where on day one of early voting, we never even touched 3%.

If you are going to vote early then get there early in the sense get there early in the morning, because I basically walked in and in 10 minutes I was already done!


Trump booed for bringing the debate to the Al Smith charity dinner!!!

booed trump

Apparently Donald Trump managed to break another record, that of being the first presidential candidate to be booed at the Al Smith charity dinner. It was supposed to be the two candidates making fun of one another, taking a break from the campaign and being friends for one night. That actually didn’t occur, what did was Donald Trump brought a debate to the dinner and obviously the crowd did not appreciate, even more this was a crowd that was paying $10,000 per person to be at that very dinner.

With 18 days ago, national polls show Hillary Clinton at 50% against 38%, this is the largest margin in history and not just in this race for president.

From what I understand both candidates are in the state of Ohio today campaigning, as Ohio apparently has become a flip state, even though it has been in Republican hands for decades, the candidates then should be heading also to Arizona, where there as well the state is leaning toward the Democrats that would be the first time in 22 years. It seems the same with Utah, the Democrats all three points ahead as Hillary Clinton is closing in at an incredibly fast rate on her adversary even in Texas, you heard right I said Texas!

up-to-date, looking at editorial votes, if we were to vote today Hillary Clinton would take the presidency with 321 editorial votes against the 119 that would go to Donald Trump. This puts the GOP in alarm, and it seems that Senate is already gone in the hands of the Democrats, but with these scary numbers there is a huge possibility that they lose the house as well, basically they would have a situation where the only will they lose the presidency but they would lose totally the control of the country.

So I ask myself, in the GOP asking themselves how on earth did Donald Trump actually made it to be their preferred candidate, and most probably at this time they are asking themselves why didn’t they take care of this before it was too late?…

As every time that I post his numbers get lower and lower, don’t get me wrong, his supporters are going nowhere, they are with him all the way, but what he is losing out on August 21 percent of undecided those 39.4M Americans with the right to vote and have basically slid in their majority towards Hillary Clinton.

Not only, but not officially, Israel has endorsed also Hillary Clinton, and this could push the 13 million Jewish voters from Republican to Democrat, if that would be the case that we would be looking at a never seen before and absolute landslide.


Are we all ready for the third and last presidential debate?

Will the third debate also go to Hillary Clinton? Orwell Donald Trump actually try to be a little moderate and talk about serious issues in our country, but most of all will he be capable of setting goals and plans for each and every single one of issues that will be addressed in this debate? The answer to that will be “absolutely not”. We all know Democrats and Republicans, independents and undecided, that he will come down full force and Hillary Clinton.

I see him saying that the elections are rigged, I see him saying that Hillary Clinton should be in jail, I see him saying that the now 11 women accusing him of sexual assault are liars, I see him saying that he knows more about prices than the general do, I see him saying that he will release his taxes once the audit is over, I see him saying lots and lots of stuff tonight. But really nothing walked presidential candidate would say all bring up.

Will tonight be the end of Donald Trump? Will this be Hillary Clinton’s passport to the presidency? Or will he actually pull something out of his hat And turn the tables around obviously in his favor, I know that may sound like science fiction but it could happen, let’s wait and see!!


What will be the aftermath of all the scorched earth that Donald Trump will leave behind him?

Basically saying that the elections are rigged, he is saying that he has lost, he is totally aware that his numbers are plunging, obviously he does not want to blame himself and therefore he is always pointing fingers at someone else, apparently in his whole life it has never been his fault in any way whatsoever, it has always been someone else’s fault even when it was totally apparent that he was either screwing people over life for the instance of his eight bankruptcy files and most probably another one to come regarding the Taj Mahal how casino in Atlantic City.

Right now many scholars are questioning what will be the aftermath of the elections, or better still what will be left of the Republican Party once that Donald Trump would have let that score of scorched earth behind him? Will Republican Party to reform? Will the Republican Party turned around and die?

According to many among the GOP, this most probably if not definitely will happen, it is nearly certain that the Republican Party will lose the majority at the Senate, and there are growing possibilities that they will also lose the house. You then have to put into consideration that after the elections most probably Donald Trump will form his own independent party. Many say that party will be formed by racists, separatists and anyone basically full of hate, at least that’s what I read on the Washington Post and the Boston Globe earlier on this week.

I’m ready to bet that Donald Trump will form his own party, I’m pretty sure it will be very strong initially, a bit like the KKK when they started the movement, however it will shrink as people will understand along the way that the man is a con, politically illiterate and from what it seems through his own very words and I say what it seems he is an absolute racist.


So what are we going to talk about today? Will of course… Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!!!

Yes you got it, we’re going to talk about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the elections are less than a month away, and the polls have taken a drastic turn, mostly because of the video and audio that was released last Friday regarding Donald Trump’s so-called locker room talk.

Since then his numbers have plunged, in some states he has lost as much as 13 points, it seems only in the state of Ohio he had actually resisted but all other on the line states he has taken a massive hit especially in Florida where Hillary Clinton came from behind and is now leading by four points.


in a month so much can still happen, but with these numbers it is extremely hard to Donald Trump will actually make it, but that is not the GOP’s biggest problem at this time. From what it may seem they could have already lost the Senate and the house is extreme risk of being lost as well, if the numbers keep plunging the way that they are right now and have been in this past days, then it is almost certain that the Republican Party will lose the majority at both the House and the Senate, this according to the BBC, NBC and CNN.

It seems that him bringing up the past has brought up a lot of mud on his past and from what I understand a lot more is to come that will destroy only more the possibilities of Donald Trump gaining ground on Hillary Clinton in the presidential race.

trump donald

From what I understand more women are coming out pointing the finger at Donald Trump women that up to just a few years ago were inappropriately touched and abuse by Donald Trump, this course according to many TV news networks with exclusion obviously of Fox news. If this is true and these women keep coming out Donald Trump could be down up to 31 points on election day, basically he could lose another 25% of his voters within the next 23 days.

From something that will apparently three months ago a very tight race has now taken an astonishing turn as it could be the biggest defeat in the history of the Republican Party, this court upon the GOP back 100 years, this report a Democratic nominee in the White House for another eight years, this never occurs in the history all our great nation, but still Donald Trump the odds of this happening are quite likely if not most probably.

donald trupm

I think the end of this election, and if all the journalists from all over the world are even close to what is saying right now and Donald Trump will be absolutely destroyed on election day, what will be on the Republican Party? Will they have to reform? How many of the leaders will be forced to resign and leave politics forever? How many decades will it take for the Republican Party to recover from this atrocious hit? And will they manage support a Republican president in the White House within the next 80 years? These are all questions that I read on Reuters which happens to be the most credible news resource worldwide.

The most astonishing thing that we have noticed in this general election is the childish bickering, is a tremendous amount of finger-pointing, and the Donald Trump campaign throwing dirt on everybody even its own party and the head of his party members. In my personal opinion this year and a half of election debates will be remembered historically the centuries to come as the most devastating for the Republican Party ever.

hilary clinton


Trump loses 3 points and Clinton gains 4, Trump now at -9 from Clinton!

The disgusting remarks leaked on video and the not so good performance at the city hall debate have seen Mr Trump evaporate in the polls. Not to mention his remarks against GOP leader Paul Ryan and all the other GOP senior member that have turned their back on him.

Here’s the thing. In the situation that he’s in right now, even and I say EVEN if he wins the 4 swing states, he wont have enough delegates to make the 270 mark. However that is not the problem right now as it seems that these 2016 elections are going to Hilary. The real problem is that the GOP could lose the senate, but worst of all they could also lose the house, putting back the Republican party 50 years!

George W. Bush said that he was the last Republican president and could be for decades. I now can see why he said that, he actually predicted this like many of us really didn’t.

While reading the Washington Post earlier on this morning Donald Trump stated yesterday evening in a rally in Miami, now he has finally removed the shackles of his legs and has openly declared war on the Republican Party. I myself still very surprised how a man like Mike Pence can see and hear all this Knowing that his political career is literally going down the drain is not walking away from this suicidal presidential nominee.

At this point, I do seriously predict that Donald Trump and lose at least another 15 points in the polls, taking in consideration that there are still 19% of registered voters are undecided and could make that massive difference on November 8, bringing the Republican Party to the biggest defeats 185 years.


If I become president I’ll send you to jail!

“I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.” And he left no ambiguity as to the intended result. “People have been, their lives have been destroyed for doing one fifth of what you have done. And it’s a disgrace.” That would be abuse of office and considered a federal crime.

Clinton later responded, “It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.”

This is not how the so called special prosecutors work. There are a number of legal mechanisms for the appointment of special counsel by the attorney general, all designed to allow for investigations of executive-branch officials free from the threat of political interference. Trump proposed the opposite: directing his attorney general to appoint a prosecutor to go after a political rival who he’s publicly said should “be in jail.”

Mussolini style or better still what Putin is doing right now in Russia!

Lets don’t forget what happened with Richard Nixon, for a lot less he ended up having to leave his post as president to avoid criminal charges. Besides Nixon did what he did as President of this great nation, while Trump is tumbling in the polls and should be 15-25 points behind the woman he wants in jail by election day!

What a shame, the world is watching!


I don’t pay federal taxes because “I’m Smart”

Ex-Republican security leader: I’m voting for Clinton
Michael Chertoff, a lifelong Republican who once served as New Jersey’s top federal prosecutor and who has been an adversary of the Clintons for years, told Bloomberg News that he is voting for Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump, the reason? After his “I don’t pay taxes because I’m smart” comment. that did!

Trump ‘executes’ Clinton on Indiana parade float making many others turn their back on him:
A parade float depicting Hillary Clinton in an electric chair with Donald Trump throwing the switch has sparked a controversy in Eastern Indiana.
The float, which also featured a depiction of President Obama as an Easter Island head painted black, was part of a parade Sunday for Aurora Farmer’s Fair, Cincinnati station WCPO-TV reported on their website.
“Who thinks this is something to laugh at or be proud of?” Aurora resident Penny Britton wrote on Facebook. “This is disgusting. This makes me embarrassed to say I live here.”

thomad f cheng trump

Biden bashes Trump over PTSD comments:
Donald Trump’s insinuation Monday that military members and veterans who suffer from mental health issues are not strong because they “can’t handle” what they’ve seen in combat is proof that the Manhattan billionaire “is an ignorant man,” Vice President Joe Biden said.
“When you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat — and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over and you’re strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can’t handle it,” Trump said during a question-and-answer session Monday with a veterans group in Virginia. “And they see horror stories. They see events that you couldn’t see in a movie. Nobody would believe it.”

…is Trump really running for president, or is he trying to put back the GOP a couple of thousand years?