Trump booed for bringing the debate to the Al Smith charity dinner!!!

booed trump

Apparently Donald Trump managed to break another record, that of being the first presidential candidate to be booed at the Al Smith charity dinner. It was supposed to be the two candidates making fun of one another, taking a break from the campaign and being friends for one night. That actually didn’t occur, what did was Donald Trump brought a debate to the dinner and obviously the crowd did not appreciate, even more this was a crowd that was paying $10,000 per person to be at that very dinner.

With 18 days ago, national polls show Hillary Clinton at 50% against 38%, this is the largest margin in history and not just in this race for president.

From what I understand both candidates are in the state of Ohio today campaigning, as Ohio apparently has become a flip state, even though it has been in Republican hands for decades, the candidates then should be heading also to Arizona, where there as well the state is leaning toward the Democrats that would be the first time in 22 years. It seems the same with Utah, the Democrats all three points ahead as Hillary Clinton is closing in at an incredibly fast rate on her adversary even in Texas, you heard right I said Texas!

up-to-date, looking at editorial votes, if we were to vote today Hillary Clinton would take the presidency with 321 editorial votes against the 119 that would go to Donald Trump. This puts the GOP in alarm, and it seems that Senate is already gone in the hands of the Democrats, but with these scary numbers there is a huge possibility that they lose the house as well, basically they would have a situation where the only will they lose the presidency but they would lose totally the control of the country.

So I ask myself, in the GOP asking themselves how on earth did Donald Trump actually made it to be their preferred candidate, and most probably at this time they are asking themselves why didn’t they take care of this before it was too late?…

As every time that I post his numbers get lower and lower, don’t get me wrong, his supporters are going nowhere, they are with him all the way, but what he is losing out on August 21 percent of undecided those 39.4M Americans with the right to vote and have basically slid in their majority towards Hillary Clinton.

Not only, but not officially, Israel has endorsed also Hillary Clinton, and this could push the 13 million Jewish voters from Republican to Democrat, if that would be the case that we would be looking at a never seen before and absolute landslide.