I voted early! And guess who I voted for?

I’m not going to tell you! LOL! No, I’m serious I’m not going to tell anyone what voted for!
What I can say is that the polling stations were extremely busy already at 9 o’clock this morning, and because I lost my car keys I was there until 10.45 when an old man brought them back claiming he had took them off the desk where I had just voted thinking they were his. But what you get the voting early LOL!

In the state of California but especially in the state of Florida it seems that 15% in the first two days have already voted, that is an astonishing number compared to past elections where on day one of early voting, we never even touched 3%.

If you are going to vote early then get there early in the sense get there early in the morning, because I basically walked in and in 10 minutes I was already done!