Russia: Vote for Donald Trump or face nuclear war.

That is the word from the Kremlin, apparently one of Putin’s closest allies that is also a member of the lower parliament, stated on Russian television, that the Americans should think twice before voting for Hillary Clinton, because if she is elected, most likely it will bring to World War III and the United States will face a nuclear war with a devastating outcome.

That’s who we are dealing with LOL. A joke!

So let’s put the basket and the apples to work:
The Russians claim that they have new technology and undetectable missiles, they would strike first and the United States would not even know that they were attacked until it was too late. They claim that they have undetectable submarines that would launch hundreds of missiles on the continental USA from an extremely short range, they claim that NATO in Europe would be wiped out with a matter of minutes and the allies of the United States from around the world would be taken out within the hour.

Accordingly to Pentagon reports the latest and most Marlin submarines built in the Russian Federation are 18 years old, they have from 20 to 25 intercontinental nuclear submarines against the 296 the United States, the ex-Soviet Union has 97 warships, 80% of them were built in the 80s. The United States in the past 20 years have been working on anti-missile programs, they all top secret, we all know they have been tested, we are far away from the patriot missile batteries, with talking about something a lot more sophisticated, missiles that can reach 4 1/2 times the speed of sound and therefore free faster than the Russian ballistic missile and therefore, from what we understand the Russians know about this but they pretend they don’t know anything about it. They know for a fact that all men missiles shot on continental USA will be shot down way before they reach out on the ex-Soviet Union, they know for a fact that they do not have undetectable missiles but the United States does.

Let’s talk about the Russian Federation Air Force, then most modern aircraft is Mig 35 and is a remarkable aircraft, however that pilots go through a very basic training, that specific aircraft is not stealthy and they only have 92 of them. Wow, that’s truly impressive!! They also have a bunch of aircraft made in the early 90s such as the SU27 and the Mig 31, these aircraft however have never been updated therefore have the same basic technology as an F4 Phantom or the F-14 tomcat both have been retired here in the United States for several years.

The United States on the other hand has 450 F 22 raptors, 90 F35’s these are totally undetectable aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons, capable of striking anything at incredible distances remaining undetected. Other attacks and defenses aircraft in the inventory of the Marines, Navy, Air Force and the Army, the number is around 4200, basically 5 to 1 ratio with the ex-Soviet Union.

The bombers, it seems that Russia has enormous disadvantage here as well. The ex-Soviet Union has never come up with an effective Aircraft or at least a long-range bomber Since the late 1970s, while the other hand the United States has roughly 112 B1 bombers and 55 B2 stealth bombers.

So maybe before threatening, I would suggest that the Soviet Union takes into serious consideration how outnumbered they are, and with an economy that is slightly better than the Spanish economy and therefore 16 times less than the US industry, as you can see these words were totally out of place and yes they are a laughingstock.