What do you make of the new email investigation?

Well, doesn’t it seem a little awkward that a new investigation occurs a week before the general election? Did the FBI director (a registered Republican voter) do this on purpose? According to politicians and not only Democrats it was inappropriate but he may have also broken the law. Yikes!!!

So, basically what we is that they have found some emails (we have not been told how many) that are on a laptop, that very laptop was seized and used in an investigation that has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and her emails. For all we know they could be cooking recipes, for all we know they could be chitchat, roll we know they could be exchanging porn links LOL.

So basically this is what happened: The FBI director send a letter to Congress, Stating that they have reopened the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton emails, however this time they have no proof at all that any of the emails are considered classified, they have no proof at all if they came from Clinton’s private server or from a server that is secured at the Pentagon. According to CNN, the FBI will have to investigate into the emails only once but they have the approval from a federal judge that could take up to two weeks, then they will have to look into the emails and if these emails are in the thousands it could take a couple of months.

So, without pointing my finger at anyone, without backing anyone, I can sincerely say that this may have occurred on purpose to disable the elections and if that is the case and if that can be proved, then it is a shame that the federal government can do such things and most probably would get away with it.

I personally believe that this is not going to make any difference in the general elections, in places like California and Florida 65% of Hillary Clinton voters have already casting their ballots, and from what it seems early voting in the nation is already at a top 27.6%, that’s 21 points more than four years ago. NBC claims that 80% of the early voters or Democrats.

I myself don’t believe the general election polls, I’ll give you a perfect example: 80% of Donald Trump supporters have a banner in their front yard, one out of 10 homes here in California have a Donald Trump banner in their front yard. In Texas three out of 10 homes and a Donald Trump banner on their property, in Alabama five out of 10 homes have something representing Donald Trump that can be seen from the street. Now do the math!

Those of the statistics that I’m looking at right now is a very curious statistic is that only one out of 49 households that vote Democratic actually do have Hillary Clinton propaganda visible from the street. These the numbers that were issued by the BBC that happens to be the most reliable news source worldwide and has been for the past 80 years.

There are many factors that actually show that this will be a horrific landslide for Donald Trump, however I am one of those that believes that Donald Trump has millions and millions of supporters worldwide and not only in the United States, in the ex-Soviet union Donald Trump is more popular in some areas than Putin himself LOL.

But being popular abroad like in Russia, Turkey, Palestine and Italy does not bring votes to the ballot here in the United States. I am going to predict that it will not be a landslide, however I truly believe that Hillary Clinton will get roughly 8 to 12 percentage points In the popular vote, and most probably around 340 editorial votes.

So, as I can see and I am sharing with my readers right now, this new email investigation will barely touch the results in this general election, if it does it will be at the very most one or two points that will go against Hillary Clinton, but as experts say what ever Clinton loses will most probably drop in the pocket of the independent or the Green voters.

I would love to carry on talking about this as there are hundreds of other different points and statistics that I’m sure that everyone Republican and Democrat alike would find extremely important and interesting, but I truly do think that you should decide you’re going to vote for, I have already voted, I am happy with who I voted for, I seriously doubt that I will regret who I voted for and that is what everybody has to do and feel before they actually vote.

One suggestion I can give my readers and that is to vote early, I voted on October 24 during lunchtime and therefore I thought the polls were going to be packed, my prediction in that case was absolutely wrong, I was in and out within 10 minutes, there are dozens of staff members observers and the security personnel, so don’t wait for November 8, you’ll be hours and hours on end in line and we all know what happened there, some of you won’t even wait, some of you will actually leave, some of you won’t cast your vote and if that is the case then do not complain if the other person different from who you wanted to vote for actually wins.