Are we all ready for the third and last presidential debate?

Will the third debate also go to Hillary Clinton? Orwell Donald Trump actually try to be a little moderate and talk about serious issues in our country, but most of all will he be capable of setting goals and plans for each and every single one of issues that will be addressed in this debate? The answer to that will be “absolutely not”. We all know Democrats and Republicans, independents and undecided, that he will come down full force and Hillary Clinton.

I see him saying that the elections are rigged, I see him saying that Hillary Clinton should be in jail, I see him saying that the now 11 women accusing him of sexual assault are liars, I see him saying that he knows more about prices than the general do, I see him saying that he will release his taxes once the audit is over, I see him saying lots and lots of stuff tonight. But really nothing walked presidential candidate would say all bring up.

Will tonight be the end of Donald Trump? Will this be Hillary Clinton’s passport to the presidency? Or will he actually pull something out of his hat And turn the tables around obviously in his favor, I know that may sound like science fiction but it could happen, let’s wait and see!!