What will be the aftermath of all the scorched earth that Donald Trump will leave behind him?

Basically saying that the elections are rigged, he is saying that he has lost, he is totally aware that his numbers are plunging, obviously he does not want to blame himself and therefore he is always pointing fingers at someone else, apparently in his whole life it has never been his fault in any way whatsoever, it has always been someone else’s fault even when it was totally apparent that he was either screwing people over life for the instance of his eight bankruptcy files and most probably another one to come regarding the Taj Mahal how casino in Atlantic City.

Right now many scholars are questioning what will be the aftermath of the elections, or better still what will be left of the Republican Party once that Donald Trump would have let that score of scorched earth behind him? Will Republican Party to reform? Will the Republican Party turned around and die?

According to many among the GOP, this most probably if not definitely will happen, it is nearly certain that the Republican Party will lose the majority at the Senate, and there are growing possibilities that they will also lose the house. You then have to put into consideration that after the elections most probably Donald Trump will form his own independent party. Many say that party will be formed by racists, separatists and anyone basically full of hate, at least that’s what I read on the Washington Post and the Boston Globe earlier on this week.

I’m ready to bet that Donald Trump will form his own party, I’m pretty sure it will be very strong initially, a bit like the KKK when they started the movement, however it will shrink as people will understand along the way that the man is a con, politically illiterate and from what it seems through his own very words and I say what it seems he is an absolute racist.