30 years ago the chernobyl disaster!

I was still in college when the news broke out that an american spy bird in the sky noticed that a Soviet nuclear reactor had exploded and that the incident had happened at least 72 hours before. The Russians didn’t let the west know and contamination had already spread over large areas in Europe. Places like Bulgaria were coated with radioactive winds.

A couple of my followers were talking about it and I joined in with my Thomas F Cheng G+ account. Both of them are in their 50’s and they’re both from Ukraine, so they remember the incident very well and what they had to say was pretty scary.

chernobyl 300 years later thomas f cheng blog

We witnessed the same thing in Japan a few years ago, however they were prompt in informing the west of the incident and a dozen countries stepped in to help and the problem was taken care of right away, the radioactive leak in that case was a 200th of that chernobyl spat out over Europe.

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