The worst still has to come?

Many people and especially the control stock markets, claim that we will be going through a worldwide recession as soon as Donald Trump makes office. How can they predict that I have no idea, I feel that it is a little exaggerated to say that this could occur even before he starts screwing things up LOL.

There is very little to laugh about, this country will now go through a stage that it has never been through before, a businessman, a TV show man, a loose cannon is now the leader of the free world, one that he gets his hands on the oval office how free will world be?

As usual I’m very skeptical, I would have been just a skeptical if Hillary Clinton has made the White House as well, but on the other hand she is a professional politician therefore first steps towards the Oval Office would have been a little different, but like I said time is the only true master in this game and we will see.

Keeping my fingers crossed that for sure!